1. Does this effectively kill the Hayward + 15 talk from yesterday?

  2. this is peak offseason stuff. “here’s what some random criddler at fred meyer thinks we should do.” don’t get me wrong I’ll read whatever i can get right now and I appreciate homeboy’s take but it did make me laugh

  3. Go to the Fred Meyer on 5th & Thor in Spokane. Find the sports cards and maybe this guy will appear and talk non stop about his draft theories. Don't disagree with him though because he looked like if I tried to say this was too much he was going to lose his shit.

  4. For me I got to wait for exwhuemployee to give it the go ahead. Even then, as a West Ham fan, I'm never comfortable until the team posts about it.

  5. Rudy Giuliani is not gonna take this news well

  6. It's crazy. Ours went up 56k this year. Ugh.

  7. It's not close. The inevitable problems with his medical, followed by agents fees being too high haven't popped up yet.

  8. There is a HUGE shortage of therapists around here. Getting set up to take insurance would help a lot. I know that it's a huge pain in the ass to take some types, but anything would be better than nothing. If she could take medicaid, that'd be even better.

  9. She's thought about it. But all the horror stories from other therapists about it have her hesitant. Not knowing if you'd actually get paid and when you'd get paid are definitely not good things. It's one of many areas in health care that needs fixing.

  10. Yeah, it is a horror show. I've talked to a couple therapists and a couple of psychiatrists about it. Just the hoops you have to jump through to get approved to accept it. And then the contracts want them to take a much smaller amount than they'd make from self pay. It seriously needs fixing.

  11. Yup. It's all one big scam. But it makes some people rich so it's all legal.

  12. I'm a fan of Perry street brewing, no-li or the Saranac.

  13. was almost directly under it. i yelled WHAT THE FUCK and my baby nephew cried his ass off, my dog pissed himself from fear. and my cat was no where to be found (hiding)

  14. Spokane resident here. Know some ewu season ticket holders who have pretty crazy kupp collections. Never met someone whose had a bad thing to say about him.

  15. I would contact them. They came recommended to us by a friend who works with autistic kids and kids with ADHD as well. Our child will be starting kindergarten in the fall so we wanted to get him tested so we can work with the school so he gets the support he needs. Plus as parents it helps know how to support him better as well. Good luck with the process.

  16. Also Logan Tavern does show the USMNT matches so maybe call them

  17. No place really shows the matches and promotes it. Your best bet would be to have channel info handy and call a place to confirm they have the channel and would be willing to show it. As a fan of the MASSIVE West Ham that's the only way Ive been able to watch anything. As far as football banter atmosphere, good luck. Unless you can wrangle up a group to watch with.

  18. That's awesome. I managed to hit the gold /10 acuna auto. As a braves fan, it was pretty exciting.

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