1. only when non south asians use it in a derogatory way

  2. Looks like we covered the east. To the western extend. Decent aasi between 3 and 8% is commonly found in persian bandaris. Heavily involved in theb spice trade and their name literally means port. Located in southern Iran by the coast

  3. Afro-iranians are an ethnic group in Iran. When I searched up bandari people, afro-Iranians pop up.

  4. Gujaratis have iranian admixture from ancient times and modern times. Especially gujarati muslims. Im not surprised you guys are most closely related to gujarati brahmins

  5. yeah i wonder where the iranian ancestry is coming from though... maybe converted parsis?

  6. No offense to you but a lot of brown Muslim people in general be it a Gujarati Indian like you or a Pakistani Muslim or a Bengali Muslim like him(

  7. Yes obviously people aren't aware of how diverse South Asians are and assume all of us are dark and short (obviously nothing wrong with that but it's just a huge generalization), so when we're slightly light they think we look like a different race.

  8. He looks like a guy I know from Bengaluru so I'll guess Karnataka

  9. Ah ok when I saw him on the Chosen and later searched him my dumb butt just assumed he was half white lol. He plays the role of St.Matthew well! Great show overall tbh

  10. yes i saw him on the chosen and he's a pretty good actor! still need to finish the show tho

  11. Nah i dont think so I mean thats more of a legend than anything. Sinhalese score like Tamils dna admixture wise

  12. dude it literally says on the website that sinhalese ppl share high ancestry with bengalis

  13. binged watched it and the show was pretty good. i was a big fan of elite (seasons 1-3) and this was a decent remake imo. my only issue was that they made the hijabi act like a foreigner in india when in reality there are plenty of muslims in delhi.

  14. other than the the skintone they don't look that similar

  15. sister because she's experienced and i wouldn't want someone who's anti drugs to be my trip sitter

  16. the guy on the left looks punjabi but the rest look like they could be from multiple states (up, delhi, gujarat, rajasthan etc)

  17. Most Gujarati Brahmins I know don't look like this 😅

  18. Y'all plz they are just completely average looking people 😭 I wouldn't call them ugly at all

  19. I'm thinking concave describes a nose like the first one

  20. 8. This was definitely her best look before she got another botched nose job.

  21. They also filmed some of the show in Toronto too

  22. She looks far more desi in the last few pics of this post. Coloured hair, grooming etc are more responsible for her looking white. The point of such posts about perception is to point out the difference lifestyle habits can make among south asian phenotypes, so that there's less obsession about genetic "lottery" or stuff like that, which has forever caused so many problems in the subcontinent.

  23. What's her name? I've seen her on tiktok before but forgot it

  24. Why did she take a DNA test if she was going to be in denial about her own ancestry?

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