1. Can't they just wait for the offseason when kyrie is a FA and Russ's contract expires?

  2. The nets should do it now, or kyrie walks and they get nothing.

  3. If Rob was holding them picks for kyrie all this time, and this goes down. He's gonna get so many blessings from laker nation.

  4. Bro I don't even watch that much basketball and I'm not a Lakers fan but this showed up in my "suggested" feed and all I've been seeing lately is how Westbrook fuckin sucks. Like is legitimately terrible. Why do you still play this guy?

  5. We all know that since the no call in Boston the lakers are most likely going to not only be forced into the play-in but then the playoffs and if I’m being honest the finals. It’ll be this oh so great comeback season for lebron. When we all know that the refs just wanted to make up for that one game and the league will make it happen cuz it’s all rigged. Mark my words..

  6. Bro, what?. I'm a laker for life and this team will be lucky to make play-ins. With no trades, we are not beating a playoff team.

  7. Exactly, dude doesn’t know i have 4 other maps , including eco which i mainly use and a killswitch mode to prevent it from being stolen

  8. Well I bought it and fixed it up as it needed a new bumoer/hood/front right headlight but all in all $3800 usd

  9. Don't know what tax and license fee is over there, but here in California, it's like 2k on top of the dealer price.

  10. Cool, might try this on my JKU. Hey, what’s that right side plastic piece we see? Enquiring minds want to know.

  11. Check for leaks, on the oil filter housing and rear main seal. I got a 14 Sahara with 50k miles and it's tripping.

  12. You're crazy paying that much for a salvage title.... "Fender bender" 😂

  13. Bengals fan here. The officiating was rough but one team says that every game and that is not what lost the game. Bonehead penalties, poor protection and missed opportunities lost the game.

  14. I gave you an upvote for trying. But man, your guess was pretty wild 😂

  15. If u want loud and sounds good get resonated test pipes if u get plain test pipes will sound like raspy as shit, my full exhaust on my g37 is isr gt single exit 4.5 inch, isr y pipe, fast inventions resonated test pipes for exhaust

  16. Sheeshh... After that tune it's going to be responsive as fuck. That supercharger sounds hella expensive 👍

  17. You got warranty on it?. Mine is at 65k miles and I have to take it to the dealer because it's leaking from the rear main seal 😳🙄. I don't even know if the warranty is gonna want to cover it.

  18. I did yep. A little customization that lays over sneakers nice. I only did that to a couple of my ripped jeans cuz works with that look. No rips in jeans, I don’t do it.

  19. Shit man, this fit looks better than yesterday's. I'll give you a 10 for creativity on the jeans. I'm definitely grabbing a pair of scissors on Friday ✂️👖

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