1. This is from Reykjavik and the concert film/documentary Heima. Possibly still available for digital download.

  2. Fatal, No Way, Gone… got to see Faithful last night !

  3. He sang the shit out of it too. Floored.

  4. Immortality but i feel its too early in tour for it. Will settle for rearviewmirror, indifference and a cover. Do they still playing ritfw ? I just saw eddie do it solo

  5. Ooh Indifference would be rad. I'm not sure about RITFW, that would be fun.

  6. That is an instant buy, my friend.

  7. I got a letter from my dealership last month with a 17k offer for my 2016 GTI S with 24k miles.

  8. It's a whole campaign then. Jeezus. From my cold dead hands!

  9. I received a nutso offer from Carvana for my 2016 Autobahn. I considered it but decided to keep the car. A week after the offer expired, some goofball backed over my hood with his F150. I should've taken the offer because now I've got the Car Fax Tax to deal with.

  10. Guerlain Bois D'Armenie today. Glws!

  11. Help Me I Am In PJs? Happiness In Underwear? The Perfect Snuggie? Mr Self Styled? Further Down The Zipper?

  12. Good luck with your sale. I'm very curious which of these you ended up purchasing after sampling and which are 10/10 masterpieces in your eyes. You must be an expert after smelling all of these!

  13. I've always wondered how many actual ingredients go into some of my favorite fragrances.

  14. Today I'm wearing DH2020 on my left arm and Myrrh & Tonka on my right because I passed by a Sephora 😂

  15. Yes I've started the rotation! Trying to use up my bottle of Eau Des Baux this year. Thanks for doing this!

  16. For me, it's about actually using my fragrances and not just hoarding. I need to think about budgeting so before I acquire something new, I need to make sure it fills in a hole in my collection. I already have a solid collection of vetiver, incense, and patchouli, for example. So before I bring in another, I must use, trade, or sell. I often forget about the use option!

  17. Lemme know if anyone wants to resell their bottle once received. Also willing to buy if someone drops out

  18. Thank you, awesome mods here! 🙏

  19. I tried to spot that tall MFer the whole time cause I just knew he'd be there! That show was go good and if you can see this tour, run don't walk.

  20. I'd like to be considered, thanks!

  21. You package will be shipping out tomorrow! I'd give it about a week for delivery through USPS. Please let me know in the post when you receive it. Wear in good health!

  22. Received, thank you, and I quite like it! Been wanting to explore rose frags.

  23. Love to see someone who cuts the bottles open like myself haha!

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