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  1. Nope, I have a thin case and have to take it off to use it.

  2. The mock up looks way better. Why is only half a stripe in the middle?

  3. How could you possibly know what is in it? And if it's Delta 8 then it's not illegal.

  4. I live in Nashville and these are everywhere. The police don’t care what’s in it.

  5. This is one of the few times where I’m on the side of the officer. Completely justified.

  6. Came here to say this. While waiting for the comments to load I thought to myself “it’s probably the top comment”. Did not disappoint.

  7. And this whole time, I thought it was Electrodome instead of Electrodrome...

  8. I did as well up until recently. I just blame the Mandela effect.

  9. You now know her name and seem pretty familiar with the plot of the commercial. Seems like the ad did its job honestly

  10. A commercial like this is supposed to sell a product not just inform you of their existence. I’m less likely to buy a product if their marketing is crappy.

  11. I literally make awful groaning noises when it comes on so I don’t have to hear her hum. The first time I had to explain to the girlfriend I can’t bear the commercial and would rather hear a borderline weather siren sound than her humming.

  12. I agree with the message but not the way they are getting that message out. Rupert Murdoch does not give a shit about some broken windows and spray paint. He’ll pay to fix it with his millions.

  13. The insurance rates in NYC would be awful

  14. When you’re actually a contending franchise, anything less than a super bowl winning season is considered a failure.

  15. A team that ain’t won a playoff game in 31 years makes it to the Super Bowl and it isn’t a success? Go be mad somewhere else.

  16. My local stealership seems quite happy to process my claim for a factory fitted one.

  17. That’s great. I was told this by the dealership which was backed up when I called Jeep customer support.

  18. Yeah, I brought this up to them and they refused to replace it. Wound up paying out of pocket.

  19. As a 12 year Apple employee and huge Jack White fan this makes me happy.

  20. What drives me to the brink of insanity are the people who get off or 40E at Church and hold up the exit to jut across 3 lanes of traffic so they can turn right. It’d make life easier if they’d just take the Charlotte exit.

  21. I think you’re missing what I’m saying. If they got off at Charlotte they would have more time to get to the right lane to turn right on Church instead of blocking people at the exit trying to turn left.

  22. The actual facepalm is OP not doing their research before posting this to

  23. I need this to antagonize my coworkers here in Nashville


  25. I don’t agree with what they’re doing but I don’t see how this is child abuse. Its definitely teaching them the wrong lesson but not causing harm.

  26. Umm.....keeping your children on the side of the road fir hours while you run a scam on ppl in 100 degree heat?

  27. You’re letting emotion overtake logic here. It’s wrong but it isn’t child abuse. This is no different than when a parent requires a child to do yard work in the same conditions. It’s just teaching them the opposite lesson.

  28. It might be helpful if you tell us where you are located.......unless your quest for the "best" knows no distance.

  29. I live near The Nations but not opposed to driving 15-20 for a good place.

  30. If you drive south from Detroit you will hit Canada.

  31. If I had known Kudos Items would be so limited I would have used the Crowns before the conversion. I cashed in 72.

  32. …you think Democratically bargaining for your benefits will “ruin your benefits?” My guy you’ve drank so much of the propaganda that it’s leaking out of your pores.

  33. Do you work for Apple? We have amazing benefits, it’s one of the reasons I’ve stayed for 12 years. A union will renegotiate benefits that don’t need to be renegotiated.

  34. I’ve worked for Apple for 5 years. They brag every quarter about making record profits and we have people in our store who can’t afford rent.

  35. In the last year I’ve gotten several pay increases equaling around $6/hr, $3000 in bonuses, and increased sick/vacation time. Every employee saw similar increases. These changes were implemented quickly because Apple has the ability to do so without red tap. A union would create a ton of red tape.

  36. The choreography is a bit stiff but otherwise looks somewhat interesting.

  37. Looks better than most hand 2 hand combat scenes in the MCU imo.

  38. It does not…quit trying to be edgy.

  39. Or a meme that has been posted on Reddit 5 times a week.

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