1. Was Papali'i late to training or some such? Why tf is Billy punishing him with 15 minutes of play

  2. So you're telling us there's a chance the bulls will get laid? All in SPY Dec 500c

  3. "Wayne Bennett: “My biggest regret about that game was Darren Lockyer definitely scored a try close to full-time and they took it off us. And Locky knew that we’d won the series [retained the shield] and he gave the last kick to Lote. I nearly killed him for that."

  4. Maybe they'll stay in their prime and then cash in when some hapless team signs them for overs when they're 30 with busted knees

  5. Both games tonight are boring from a results perspective. You know the Crusaders will win and the Warriors will lose. Sigh.

  6. Is this Flano's job interview for the Warriors job? He's actually making a bit of sense tonight

  7. Imagine if Bellyache got a flat tire on the way home, he would burst a brain artery. I seriously fear for his health

  8. Coaches box gonna need some repairs on Monday after Bellyache destroys it

  9. I was thinking of making a 900mm dining tabletop out of these, 52mm thick (i.e. two panels thick, 1.5 panels wide, one panel long). Do you think there'd be any issues with glueing these together using clamps? Would I need something to help stop it warping over time?

  10. I think at that size and full double thickness it'll be very heavy. The mainly single thickness bench I made about the same size was still very hefty, cutting the edge and kind of folding the strip under as I did also means the blocks of finger jointed wood matched, so unless you look very closely it looks like a solid 2 inch slab. The edges of the sheets are also slightly arrised, so I gave them a very gentle trim with a planer, glued with dowels, then hit the top with a belt sander. I'd probably do the same way again if making a table top. Maybe not use galv angle under but timber as it's not visible under a bench top. Even offcuts from the panel maybe 50mm wide grain 90 degrees to the top might be enough to brace it. The timber is very hard, you'll snap screws if you don't pre-drill, saw blades etc need to be sharp or you'll be choking on smoke.

  11. I haven't used epoxy before as wood glue - did you use something like the West System Z105 Part A with a hardener? Did you use fast or slow hardener? And I assume you mixed the sawdust with the part A for colour?

  12. The result is one thing but what really grinds my gears is that Of the 3 games scheduled today, the New Zealand team get the one that starts at 8.15pm NZT, I can only handle so much dread at once, the Sunday scaries and watching the warriors get flogged is not a good way to finish the weekend.

  13. Berry had a poor game but to be fair, SJ shouldn't be passing the ball to him so much on the 5th tackle either...

  14. What's worse, Berry fucking it up again or Johnson for purposely passing it to him

  15. Holy fucking shit that's the best put down of the year

  16. Warriors deserve to lose if they keep making errors like that

  17. Trent Barrett fired, Madge fired, Nathan Brown "resigned"

  18. If Crusaders keep giving away penalties you'd think the Chiefs might wanna take easy 3s, but no...

  19. Was PGS ever in the running for ABs? Surely after tonight Foster would have second thoughts.

  20. Ok maybe Sam Cane can inspire the boys to stop this madness

  21. "Dane Gagai: Known to take his game to a new level when wearing a Maroon jumper"

  22. Munster is one of those players you are happy to have on your team but you absolutely hate the cunt if he's on the opposition

  23. Breaking: Warriors CEO Mark Robinson hires new manager Nathan Brown for junior talent and list management. The new hire is so well respected by Robinson that the Brown will work remotely from Australia.

  24. He'll go back to England if he wants to keep coaching

  25. To be fair most of our recent halves haven't stuck around long

  26. Imagine knowing you will continue to get paid a few hundred k for the rest of the year no matter your performance

  27. Corey Parker to be invited to speak at Shaun Johnson's funeral in 40 years time. "Look I'd like to say a few kind words, but fuck he was hopeless against Manly".

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