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True crime

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  1. Yeah I mean total hours, I actually do have some interest in IP, but heard you need a lot of STEM experience to get into it. What would you say is the high end of hours you work in a week? Regulatory could also definitely work, maybe in securities or something, but I assume that could get crazy if there's a government investigation or something that would push into 70+ hour weeks.

  2. I don’t know anyone who consistently works 60-80 hours. That puts you over 3k billable hours for the year, almost 4k if you’re working 80 hour weeks. The 70 hour weeks are when you’re busy on a deal or trial (depending on practice area). It’s not that way every week. But if you’re in big law it’s going to be hard to avoid having those weeks at least occasionally

  3. Don't sleep on government work. Six figures for 40 hours a week in a lot of positions, though maybe not right out of school.

  4. Your best bet at getting wlb and solid pay is to do a handful (2-5ish) years with the biggest, best law firm you can make it into, and then go in house. Or open your own firm. Those are the 2 main entry routes to the life you’re looking for, as I see it.

  5. That's actually what my plan was lol. 2 years big law, then start my own practice. The problem is that I have poor health such that I can't pull 80 hour work weeks. I recognize I probably need big law on my resume for marketing purposes, but honestly probably the most hours I could consistently, safely work in a week is 60.

  6. Answers are gonna be all over the map, dependent on practice area, law firm, central assignment or not, your personal reputation with the partners and seniors, etc. You’re unlikely to get a representative sample of responses.

  7. Fair enough, I've done some googling as well and it's reflective of what you've said. Even within nyc big law (which is supposed to have the most brutal schedules) it seems all over the place depending on firm and practice area. Seems like there's three main variables from what I can tell so far, geography (big vs mid market), firm, and practice area. Maybe hyperlocal culture matters too (what specific partner you're working with etc.).

  8. I wasn’t big law (we only had about 300 lawyers), but 80 hour weeks were almost unheard of at my west coast firm. 60 hour weeks if you were on a deal, preparing for trial, or trying to hit your bonus mark, but most associates were probably closer to 50-55 hours most weeks.

  9. That's good to hear. I've revisited the data I looked at earlier and there seems to be a good 1/3 of lawyers between big law and small shops of 1-10 lawyers. I don't think the fall off is as steep as I was thinking before. I'll have to look more into this, but good to know it's an option.

  10. Offer to take rental leads from established agents in office, they payoff quickly.

  11. Is that just getting tenants for rental properties? Sounds like it could be a great way to tide myself over while I'm getting my license.

  12. Good to know, how is ownership distributed after the loan/title is signed? Is there wiggle room or is appreciation/equity gained based purely on what % the individual put down initially?

  13. However you work it out with your partner. I've done 2 of these, one where we got a mortgage. But both structured the same way. Partner receives all of there money back first if we sell. I then get my cost basis back next (we paid for both renovations which were about $30k each).

  14. Thanks for the details, in the mortgage one, what % of the down payment did you pay, 50/50 on equity seems pretty fair. Also, in terms of the 5%, do you mean every year they get 5% return on their initial investment which comes directly out of the cashflow, and you get what's leftover? Lastly, how did you meet the investor(s) and gain their trust/present the idea to them? Ty

  15. Historically inflation has been more than 2% and as solar tech becomes more efficient and your area keeps growing, that land will become more valuable. 50 years seems way too long for it to be a good deal imo.

  16. At what point do you just start slaughtering the cartel? At what level of chaos and corruption do you realize that violence is your only option?

  17. Exactly, the greatest mistake the west ever made was letting China into the WTO. We economically supercharged an autocracy under the naive illusion that they'd turn to democracy over time. Enough of supplying our enemies with the means of our destruction. It might be too late already, but better late than never.

  18. Please identify a dividend stock that didn't get its head caved in in the last 6 months. That continues to chug along at 10% even in the current down market. I will definitely buy that stock. In the meantime, I'm sticking to real estate. It's the only real inflationary hedge that I know of That's relatively easily accessible.

  19. SPY index still pays dividends, even though it's appreciated many times more than real estate in the last 15 years, it's also more diversified than having a bunch of properties in one city/area. Government will also make sure it stays reasonable since so many people have retirement savings in it via 401ks/IRAs etc. You say this has been a historical stock market, but it's also been a historical real estate market post the great recession trough. Not to mention it takes a fraction of the time and stress to invest in stocks compared to real estate, opportunity costs etc. Imo the only reason real estate is a better investment is because you can leverage 5x instead of 2x. If you purely compare historical cap rates, the stock market blows real estate out of the water for a fraction of the time/stress.

  20. Interesting, I never considered speculating on vacant land, but that could potentially work well in growing cities.

  21. Don't need to refinance when you have high cash flow. You refinance when you invest in bad cash flow areas etc.

  22. How do you redeploy 'trapped' equity then so you can stay levered?

  23. Thank you, this is very helpful. 15% for capex/maintenance seems on the nose from the (admittedly few) sources I've found. You seem experienced, so I'm also curious how you avoid being on the receiving end of large, deferred maintenance in newly acquired properties?

  24. answering your last question is difficult and frankly in the beginning I didnt really even care - focus on solid assets that can cash flow, dont overleverage and dont base your calculations on the hopes of wild appreciation - treat appreciation and debt paydown as gravy.

  25. For sure, I've actually done something like this, but used 2% appreciation to calculate for inflation. I haven't done an amortization table yet since current rates and home values are insane imo and in almost every deal the math simply doesn't pan out unless you're baking in a lot of appreciation (speculating).

  26. I only look at cash flow as I do not like leverage and have my properties paid off as fast as possible. I like appreciation but it is not real until you sell.

  27. Fair enough, why don't you like leverage? Obviously the more levered you are, the more interest you pay and the higher risk of default/losing part or all of your equity, but what specifically concerns you in terms of making default likely enough to put you off levering? Even at 5x leverage, residential real estate seems like a safe bet to me as long as you run the numbers ahead of time, and secure reasonable interest rate/entry price. Housing is one of the very last costs people will cut, and even if they do as long as you aren't at the top of the price range, the higher income bracket will filter down into your properties.

  28. I have one property (purchased 2017, refinanced 2020 at 2.75%) and this is the reason I haven't bought a 2nd yet. Prices *and* interest rates are still high...

  29. That's amazing, especially with inflation. How hard was it to refinance? Did you do it with another lender or are they usually on the ball to retain clients? I'm curious how much of a pain it is or isn't to refinance.

  30. Are you concerned inflation will fall significantly faster than interest rates?

  31. This information is based on numerous interviews, surveys, and published studies. We Americans are very glad to help support Ukrainian freedom to defeat the brutal Russian invader. We have great respect for the Ukrainian military and civilian people.

  32. Lol obvious Russian comment, fuck off.

  33. Why should I care to be civil to a Russian propogandist? You dumbasses don't even realize how transparent you are, your half-baked understanding of western ethics and English grammar ooze through in every one of your comments.

  34. Toxic feminism has destroyed a lot of traditional masculinity, along with its 'toxic' components. Stoicism, persistence, genuine empathy, enterprise, bravery, these are traditional, masculine traits that are largely being thrown out with the bathwater. Having full stop role models is a mistake imo, but you can see bits and pieces from people you look up to, and try to emulate their best traits. Basically, I'd say examine traditional masculinity, then pick and choose the traits you think are best. It's not bad to aspire to be masculine, or to even have role models, as long as you recognize their faults.

  35. How did toxic feminism come to rise, though? :)

  36. This is one that surprised me. Murder, crime, violence, those things usually cater to a male crowd, but the whole true crime scene seems to mostly be popular with women. I don't recall any of my male friends being particularly into them, but of the really enthusiastic fans I meet the majority have been women. Like 99% of the content is women being brutally raped and murdered. What's the appeal?

  37. Uh oh. What's gonna happen? They gonna invade Ukraine and start murdering women and children?

  38. Exactly, love seeing bullying tactics backfire like this.

  39. He's made a lot of 'fatal' mistakes, yet is still alive, weird.

  40. Playing too loose post flop and bluffing too much. Keep bluffing, but do it less and pick your spots better. Don't pay off nits by barreling for them. Usually if they call the first huge raise, they either have the nuts, or have simply decided they aren't folding that over pair regardless of the board. Nits sit for hours waiting for that exact situation, don't give them what they want.

  41. you are simply wrong; it’s not even really about disagreement. to say being trans is a decision is incorrect. and it makes me sick to see people like you who feel very poised to exert your power over us when you don’t know anything about us.

  42. If you're an adult, I don't care about your personal life. Like I said, where I draw the line is children.

  43. it’s as though you are trapped in a mind prison of shallow propaganda. they pulled this shit not too long ago w gay people, saying that increased acceptance was due to manipulation. y’all never learn.

  44. I live in a very liberal area and don't read any partisan news, so no. Not to mention I'm arguing against trans on Reddit of all places. I don't mind adults being trans, but like I've said ad nauseum, normalizing it for children is not ok.

  45. Lol incel has become such a buzzword, ironically the incels were the ones to reply 'Yes'.

  46. Lol they're such gaslighters and blame shifters. Fuck em

  47. If people tip from taking down the blinds, which I do, it’s probably unbeatable. But maybe 1bb an hour if there’s no bad beat drop

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