1. The reason I loved this movie so much was because it took almost everything I loved as a 18-21 year old and shoved it together. I still admire the attempt to do a gothic rock opera with an actual opera-type storyline (the melodrama and nonsense plots are absolutely what 18th c gothic romance operas were all about).

  2. Also don’t know why people call it bad. Sure it’s a dumb blockbuster movie but it is at least fun. And how can you not call a movie fun when there’s werewolves, vampires, imps, Frankenstein monster and automatic crossbow?

  3. As a person who saw it back in theaters, it wasn’t meant to be ironic. It did take itself pretty seriously at the time and while today it’s pretty fun, it was considered very cheesy with a poor script, ludicrous over-acting and uneven pacing. It was low-brow and it’s fine too like it, but it genuinely is not a good movie.

  4. Hada no Clinic in Koenji. They have English speaker. Website is also in good English. Only place I have ever been that even knew what Spironolactone was.

  5. That’s great news! I was really interested in something like that actually!

  6. K Ladies Clinic will prescribe the pill for acne if that interests you. They do online exams and mail the pill.

  7. When IDing people for alcohol, it wasn't neotonized features that'd make me do a double take. It was being short and petite or tall and lanky--people that look like they haven't fully grown or finished puberty yet. And god have mercy on me if they're dressed sloppy like a teen on top of it.

  8. I did this as well. Some people were pretty happy about it, but the fact is that 7/10 I didn’t ID because you look young and cute kid - I did it because you come across like a scrubby college student and where I was, if someone looked 24 you had to ID them. Other than that, skinny with buccal fat was the main thing I noticed.

  9. A recent meta-analysis (study of many studies) concluded that collagen supplements help with skin hydration and wrinkle depth.

  10. I would love the source, as I couldn’t find it through Googling. If it’s backed by science, I’ll definitely get into supplements.

  11. I’ve been taking the MSM organic crystals since they first made their round in the sub (October maybe?) and I haven’t found them to have improved anything significantly except bowel movements. My desire for eating was the same - I wasn’t hungry, but I still wanted to eat (so if you have food craving issues, appetite suppressants really don’t help).

  12. I love a glass of wine at the end of the day or a cold beer or two on the deck and around the bonfire in the summer. It tastes good, it's relaxing - I just simply enjoy it. Other than being expensive it's probably on par with having a glass of pop or juice at the end of the day (but tastes better IMO). I also like getting drunk with friends but that's a separate behavior and not related in any way to my casual enjoyment of alcohol. The key thing is that I like to have a drink every day if it's available, but I won't be disappointed if it isn't and I wouldn't go overly out of my way to make it happen.

  13. Ideally one drink with or after dinner is my preference. But I live alone, so people get a bad vibe thinking you’re a lonely alcoholic.

  14. Being involved is very important. To add to your analogy - three legs on a stool aren’t great if they’re shaken and uneven. Spending some time with the kids in June, leaving them to their own devices for 5 months, then coming back whenever you remember is NOT going to work. Consistent behavior creates a sense of safety and structure that really help kids thrive as they get older.

  15. You’re not the only one. I’m a white American and my own people treat me like shit, too, while most of the Japanese people I know treat me very well. I also live outside of the metropolitan areas and life is a lot more pleasant here than in the urban areas I’ve been to.

  16. As a white lady, I found there's always been a sort of "I'm not like other foreigners" mentality in Tokyo and major cities. I don't know what it is exactly, but it's sort of this competitive feeling. Sometimes around women, but definitely around men, you can feel the walls being built up: I'M a good foreigner. THOSE foreigners are probably English teachers or tourists. They're not integrating. I'M integrating.

  17. Literally, women have the same jokes about men’s taste in women. Everyone wants a perfect looking partner with zero standards.

  18. I akways thought my malidaptive daydreaming would go away as an adult but it did not. 😂 now I know what it's called.

  19. “She’s so quiet. Somehow, just content to sit there, entertaining herself.”

  20. “She’s so quiet. Somehow, just content to sit there, entertaining herself.”

  21. I work in Japan. Things have changed a lot. No doubt the work culture was horrible but things seem to be getting better everywhere except the US. I also worked in US and I can attest to nice overtime pay that I occasionally get here due to the fact that it is legally mandated.

  22. I am working in Tokyo now and maybe it’s the extra competition or maybe it’s only certain industries but I’m saying that in my experience, companies that get called out for going against labor laws get a slap on the wrist and barely anything more. People never take their vacations in my experience (tech, communications, teaching- I don’t know executives or international company workers). They say they have vacation, then if you actually take it, you have everyone resent you and it’s like bad sportsmanship.

  23. Yeah I’ve heard that with a few companies as well. Definitely agree that the mindset is bad, but the systems (even if not as effective as we want them to be) are in place.

  24. That’s a fair point. With Japan, we need a cultural shift in how we approach work and personal value. People need to learn how to utilize the resources at their disposal.

  25. I guess what im saying is that sure it seems "normal" to eat 3 meals a day, but if you think about it 3 meals a day is a pretty modern line of thought. I know this is anecdotal but I often eat one meal a day or 2 and feel much better than if I eat 3. I get far less hunger pangs, my mood is more stable, etc.

  26. Food habits have never been consistent. In the west, primitive man ate what was available and probably only had 1 shared meal a day, snacking throughout to maintain energy.

  27. These are called “mukbangs” - not sure anymore, but they used to be so popular in Korea that performers had group housing situations(like influencer houses). The earliest intentional asmr videos were eating noises. So crazy to think about lol

  28. If it helps at all, they eat everything. Throughout the week, they eat very minimally. So it’s more like one big intake of calories per week. Still not ideal.

  29. McDonald's revamped their entire coffee lineup to compete directly with Starbucks, etc., switching to higher-end roasts, and made all their franchises buy expensive new coffee & espresso machines.

  30. Yeah, I switched to McDonalds coffee as my primary fast-cup choice back in Canada. All the other chains copied the “burnt coffee is addictive” thing and made them undrinkable without copious amounts of creamer and sugar.

  31. How do you not feel crazy guilty doing this? I once realized that the story I was using didn’t end like I needed and I embellished a bit. That was 3 years ago and I still think about it.

  32. I don’t mind telling a story about a realistic situation that explains the traits I actually have. Besides, after I tell a story like that a few times, my brain is like “maybe this actually DID happen” so it’s not a lie for long.

  33. came to this sub to find clothes, stayed for the women in every comment section saying pHoToShOp

  34. It is kind of good to point out though. Lots of people post pictures looking for clothes that are essentially fantasy because of the photoshopping.

  35. I definitely think that not everyone experiences it and it's a bit demoralizing to make it seem like you're just "not trying hard enough" or "lazy" when nothing develops.

  36. If you’re looking for high quality, that’s a different story. But literally looking up “bimbo clothes shein” will lead you to very similar outfits.

  37. You can try these places: OhPolly, Candy Shop Lingerie, PrettyLittleThing, Dollskill. Look up Chrissy Chlapecka on Etsy for custom clothes that match your style (she’s an influencer with the esthetic you’re looking for, I think).

  38. Thanks for the reply! I knew I was going to open myself up to a bit of this, about 'Why do you wanna appeal to everyone!?' O God, I surely don't! But I got out of an LTR w someone who actually did completely understand my humour (very sadly there were some other insurmountable fault lines within that relationship) and, once back on the dating scene, I was shocked at how quickly my humour turns men away - like, literally, physically, from me.. ahah

  39. A lot of people suggest role playing as the person you want to be, either a celebrity, character or your own construct. If you feel yourself slipping from this desired persona, reel it back. Make sure you choose something that isn’t too distracted from yourself - I think everyone kind of acts differently on the first few dates, so the key thing is just avoiding seeing off too many red flags through sheer nerves.

  40. I’d love a streaming service that focused on animation honestly。

  41. I use a shower filter for chlorine off Amazon for like $30. To wash my face when not showering I recently stopped using the sink bc there’s no filter and water is hard. I put some purified or distilled water in a spray bottle, spray my face, apply cleanser, spray more and wipe off.

  42. I’ve actually started to boil the water before using it and have noticed that my skin seems a little less irritated. Not sure if it’s placebo or not but I’ll definitely invest in a filter.

  43. Are you using acids (AHA/BHA, etc) to exfoliate the skin as well? I do this before my masks.

  44. Thanks to this post, I realized there’s a whole Wikipedia article entitled “List of tallest buildings designed by women” and… just, what a strangely specific thing to have an entry on.

  45. Being the other gender. Women have it easier. They are privileged with value from the get Go. Men have to Work hard For it.

  46. Women have it really easy sex-wise as long as they’re under 25, a healthy weight, relatively symmetrical, neurotypical and have zero expectations of a long-term relationship.

  47. Bro what is wrong with some people, she looks really good unedited. If people think she looks 40 then I wonder what they think an average person looks like, I'm a teen and my skin isn't even as smooth as hers unedited.

  48. If you look at the last pic, you can see her lashes clipping through her hair. They’re also edited pics.

  49. Well I took the screenshots from a moving video, so it might be because of that, but at the same time, the video might have a filter in it

  50. That might actually be just motion blur then! Thanks for clarifying.

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