1. TTB swap or GTFO. All jokes aside, nice truck. I’ve had a few dezert rangers in my time

  2. Haha if only, I gotta keep the 4wd for the trails I do, and if I do anything crazy like that it'll be a 4-link SAS.

  3. I’m sure a d44 would serve excellently up there

  4. Couple hundred bucks with a title. If it needs a carb, it doesn’t run. It’ll likely need a top end and tires too, because dry rot sucks.

  5. Start with a good carb clean and work on your starting technique. Find the hard spot in the stroke, go ever so slightly past it, raise the kickstart and give it the onions.

  6. I don’t know how that plate tastes, but that food looks awesome. Prior to getting a lid, I’d struggle with ribeyes if it was the least bit windy out. Nice work here.

  7. Diesel? If so, it’s perfect for a weekend cruiser. It’s a blast driving huge trucks.

  8. Heat rises. Big opening in the bottom takes care of that. Blackstone offers a wind gaurd that is way more invasive for $50

  9. Yep, lid keeps the heat into the top. My Blackstone is insufferable in high winds. Happy grilling!

  10. Not sure why you got a down vote for this comment because I live in high wind area and it makes a big difference in heat. I can have my burners on high and the wind can kill the heat by at least 50 percent

  11. Yeah lol, not sure either, maybe I came off a jerk or something, but thanks for the vote of confidence.

  12. It’s safe to say from the orientation of the picture and the caption that you may be a little upside down on the purchase.

  13. I bet they didn't even have a permit

  14. Well at least you’ll save money on condoms.

  15. How long is praise Jesus man gonna leave his bike parked in the far lane blocking traffic?

  16. That was a cameo by Cornholio! He needs TP for his bunghole

  17. Perfect for the middle class business man when new, the car has aged to perfection for a bed wetting, door to door shoe salesman.

  18. The forbidden 3 numbers Porsche drivers never speak of.

  19. Couldn’t even clean up the fender to hood gap smh. You take a car that is NOT fast, stops well, and ass-punch a BMW. We now know how your parents feel - disappointed.

  20. This. I run it all the time. You’ll get in the habit of hitting it every time you startup after a while. Keeps your turbo and brakes happy.

  21. Yeah, you can run into issues with the variable vanes in these if you don’t use it enough.

  22. Do new trucks even still use vanes for their VGT's?

  23. Just a quick google search revealed the same part numbers on the dodge from 2013-2020, so I’m guessing that falls within those years. Not sure 100% on the newer ones.

  24. So will Fox shocks and 35s. Standard all around. Let’s just do this right

  25. Kings or ADS for me! But that’ll differentiate the Chevy from the GMC

  26. Right? For such a scraggly piece of shit, that would be fun to drive but probably shit to own.

  27. Heck, I try to stay inside when it goes over 121° outside.

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