1. I'm a supporter. Some of my observations align with some of what you've written, but I also notice possible differences. Is part of what you're looking for in posting on a cptsd sub similarities and differences between what you're experiencing and what people with cptsd experience? ETA my husband is successful as you are, dissociates a lot, and has a readily identifiable trauma background.

  2. I have a lingering belief that I have some trauma that needs to be unearthed and addressed, and when reading this sub I find I align with how many here feel - affected in some way by their childhood and upbringing, and dealing with the resulting issues. I have dissociation issues with my girlfriend as well - it has been extremely difficult to hold a conversation with me and often times I am emotionally distant. Unfortunately I don’t know what specific traumas I really have, but I do know my childhood had very difficult moments. The next step will probably be talking with somebody to learn about them. Thanks for your support!

  3. It would be a difficult shift to make for sure. But as I get older, I do value my health and happiness more and more. If within this year I don’t have my emotions and issues improved in any way, I may start pivoting away from the career altogether. Not worth working myself to death over if I can help it!

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