1. It’s not really any more reliable than Spectrum. The biggest cost difference is that Verizon has symmetrical bandwidth, which is mostly unnecessary unless you are hosting your own web server.

  2. My personal experience is that Spectrum is trash. Plain and simple. Extremely unreliable and I live in the northern suburbs so it's not like I'm in a rural area. I've had some problems with Fios but not like Spectrum.

  3. It’s possible that the problem is in the house. In my case I found a ton of splitters sending signal to every room. Each splitter degrades signal levels, so the fewer the better, especially where the modem connects. I only stream now, so I’ve removed all the splitters and the modem connects straight in from the street.

  4. I have no splitters and I had Spectrum in two different houses. When the internet just flat out goes away, it's on them. Not me. Appreciate your input but there's no way in hell I'd ever consider using Spectrum.

  5. This is another mindless thought from a person who's thinks he's untouchable.

  6. For me, the length/intensity of a flare up depends on the trigger. I have cut down on alcohol significantly but I’ll occasionally drink with some friends. My face will flush after the first couple drinks but by the morning my face is freaking out. It takes me probably 4-5 days after a night of drinking to calm my skin.

  7. Thanks very much for sharing our thoughts. I agree that the process of finding triggers and what soothes it is very tedious, especially soothing it. My last flare up lasted in excess of 30 days. It's been going on and off for over a year. Pretty frustrating. Anyhow the search continues, thanks again.

  8. Because the second amendment doesn't exist for hunting, it exists for resisting raids or invasions by armed hostile powers and government oppression from a tyrant. The second amendment exists so you have the ability to shoot cops when they come to arrest you for holding hands with a person of another skin color or dressing in drag at a bar. Soldiers have body armor, cops have body armor, we should too. We should be able to resist illegal and immoral oppression with every tool they use against us.

  9. While I agree with you that the " morally righteous" wants to police our lives and regulate our freedoms, I don't think we need body armor to fight that fight. We should eliminate the access to body armor and eliminate the republican party.

  10. I agree. Please post your diet suggestions.

  11. Funny you should ask. I just hired Comfort to replace my already replaced windows yesterday. This will be the third time I've used them. They replaced the old windows in our old house. Then they replaced the doors in house current house. Now they are replacing the old replacement windows in our house.

  12. I must have missed that part in the tutorial, I guess. True to your word, it works great without the VPN. Appreciate your help!

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