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  1. The skunk berry I had was wet and didn't do much, the blue steel I had was very dry and didn't get any better after a couple days with a boveda.

  2. I thought you meant Diamond Dallas Page. This would just be DP now.

  3. AVGN's Bernstein Bears episode is kinda that but with more killer bears.

  4. I only remember it on TMNT cereal (marshmallow Chex). I guess they just started slapping them on everything.

  5. "id like some poutine please...except can you make it shitty? thanks so much"

  6. How does everyone but me have thousands and thousands of dollars to throw around?

  7. This is like the British version of a barnyard buster, which is eggs, hash browns and biscuits (scones) covered in sausage gravy.

  8. From how pale your droppings are I'd say you're malnourished.

  9. The Mexican government has busted a shipment of Special K, prices are lower than the Marianas trench!

  10. What a fucked up kind of merperson. Half a dolphin for a head, flippers and all.

  11. Super sour orange, lemon Kush 2, burkle smells like fruity pebbles. Kiva bars are great, smokies for value.

  12. These are pretty good, I haven't had this one but I've had both raspberries, orange and apple. I'll look for this one at some of the places I know that carry it.

  13. Of course he works out, what else is he gonna do?

  14. You may have accidentally grabbed a box of Wheat Things.

  15. Someone may have a little drinking problem.

  16. This looks like something you'd see in a discount store once and never again.

  17. We used to do this at the dumpsters in the trailer park when I was a kid.

  18. Because they all look weird as hell. This looks like the last thing some poor girl will ever see.

  19. That backstory is a little far fetched.

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