1. I doubt it tbh. He threw him overboard into the river with the body bag containing his moms remains. Due to the lack of body within the first 24 hours.

  2. This isn’t a mystery. It’s a tragedy. Stop turning other people’s losses into spooky campfire stories. Everyone knows exactly what happened.

  3. There are tons of articles on this case. Just search their names.

  4. Well she kind of acts like a 13 year old so I can see it.

  5. Everyone should steal from Walmart. We are in a time of worse income inequality than before the French Revolution, and the owners of Walmart, the Waltons, have 212 billion dollars in wealth because they steal from tax payers by paying their employees poverty wages and their employees are forced to rely on government programs to keep them from starving and thereby stealing from the middle class. F*** the Waltons and Walmart

  6. Confused me: What’s she do wrong to get tossed? Maybe I just couldn’t see it.

  7. That is true. I just wish everyone left me alone when I go pee. But op asked for reasons and that could be a reason.

  8. Anyone can be creepy as the other person said

  9. Yeah but you asked for reasons so I gave you a reason

  10. The real question is why is she on Instagram to begin with 🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. The mother did it. But is that really an excuse? So just because the mom posted photos it's acceptable for grown men to say that about a child?????

  12. I guarentee if you try to report any of those comments Instagram will tell you they couldn't find anything wrong.

  13. Sadly true. Idk, what we can do. The mother is just as bad for making the account. The whole situation is fucked up.

  14. He is on a maternity leave cuz his wife gave birth that might be it.

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