1. No i legitimatelly don't understand why this isn't a thing. Like country leaders meat all the time and just sit in the same room together?? Like why on earth are you not dropping a nuke on the building their in or some shit like why not

  2. Shortened version then they would do it to us. There's be assassinations all over the place.

  3. Fun fact: in nuclear medicine (and I'm sure I'm other nuclear field) we refer to radioactive things as "hot"!

  4. Naa they're just talking about you bro

  5. I think this is being unnecessarily pessimistic. Meat used to be expensive, it got a lot cheaper to produce. Did only the rich pay a lot more for the same amount of chicken? No, we all started eating more chicken. Flying got cheaper as well, and more people started flying. In fact, other than luxury goods (where being expensive is the point), I can’t think of any industry that works as you describe, where the cost of production dropped and prices didn’t.

  6. In your analogy the cost of production and prices of meat dropped because the quality and means of production (I'll allude to the ethics involved) is also worse.

  7. Yeah, he's not making the point he thinks he's making. Luxury food was industrialized and the externalities dumped onto society, it's not 100% positive.

  8. Shops put out tat and some people love to buy it. Any excuse for a #makingmemories post.

  9. My wife's mother does the same. Briefly attended one of their Christmases (the youngest sibling is in his late 20s) and the absolute mountain of pure tat she'd bought them was unbelievable. Dozens of presents each that she'd bought in sales all year, and absolutely none of them were personal to the recipient. They would all be delighted with a simple present each, like candles or flower seeds, but no, it was all crap.

  10. Yup, same as my friend's mother. Guess there's a type. I'm sure she's not evil, but it's such a wierd and toxic way to live. They weren't even presents - they were all just tat that she bought for herself and then when the dopamine was gone, disposed of it by giving it as a gift.

  11. Probably has a bigger appeal to certain guys. Bodybuilders are hilariously into this sort of thing, 'no homo' lol

  12. I wasn't part of that world but I saw it a lot. Bodybuilding at a certian level is expensive, especially for guys in their 20's.

  13. Yeah, better than Ron Sanctimonious

  14. When I first heard Ron DeSanctimonious I thought, man, he's lost it... The magic is gone.

  15. Yeah, Trump at least says funny shit, and makes hilarious claims. He's like a fascist clown. Desantis is the boring, more dangerous form of fascism, cause he makes it look normal and acceptable.

  16. I dont think it was a bad thing to be honest. It made me so much more aware of potential scams in real life. Think of it like real world training

  17. That's very true and a really positive spin on the situation.

  18. I don’t mind when people think my opinions are dumb but man people are taking this shit personal

  19. As someone who spends upward of $400 on fitness, I think lifetime is a good deal. (I know o need to get the spending on fitness classes under control.)

  20. They caused such havok in the last place I worked. Everyone complained. The company was paying for it too.

  21. What havoc are you referring to?

  22. People would assign themselves a license wanting to use it, and it wouldn't work for hours. Sometimes worked instantly tho! I remembered it because I was talking to a guy who worked there the other day and they're changing all the licenses, so they have to like, go through everyone in the company? It's a lot of admin work for no real reason. Just corporate stuff like that.

  23. Like, this is the answer. Skinnier jeans if you have thicc legs and...other stuff... A fitted T from a good store, and an accessory somewhere.

  24. Yup, corrected it. I'm writing like 5 reports atm. Fuck my life.

  25. I've known a lot of "gay conservatives", at least thats what they call themselves. My general opinion is that they are desperate for validation. Its almost sadomasochistic. They desire to have the people who bullied them accept them so much its almost as if they are torturing themselves on purpose. I never really understood it but its not as uncommon as people think.

  26. My feet are always cold; I would like to hear more about this “underfloor heating” technology…

  27. Buy some thick socks! Worked for a friend

  28. Are we sure she isn’t an alt-right incel redditor? She’s known to troll internet forums

  29. It's bizarre. I don't understand her. She donated money to Labour, and did that whole "dumbledore is gay" thing. Can you be a left-leaning right-wing troll?

  30. The article made some good points, I'm glad it was posted.

  31. I think £20 for 100 (knew someone who worked in a coffee shop)

  32. This is fucking hilarious. I can imagine laughing my ass of at this while high.

  33. It's too much. I imagine people who say it isn't, are closer to the 21 than the 29. The older person has almost 50% again of the younger person's experience, that's huge.

  34. time lived doesn't equal amount of experience, like, at all. In some cases 21 year olds are less mature than 29 year olds, but in many cases it's the other way around too. And the gap can be even larger and the same applies.

  35. I do agree with what you're saying - I know guys in their 50's who are basically children.

  36. Has Trump recently stopped taking his medication? Honestly, he was nuts before but the last week has taken it to a new level.

  37. I dunno... I thought he was finished and then he came out with a belter: "Meatball Ron".

  38. In capitalism, because money has a direct relationship with your ability to be heard, there are problems with supporting authors who contribute large sums of money to political positions that are wrong/immoral.

  39. Yeah, chlorine gas is very survivable if you Fucking Leave, as shown by the fact that we don't have more deaths caused by mixing bleach and vinegar.

  40. I do that in the summer to fumigate the big bin outside, which gets very stinky. They only pick it up every 2 weeks.

  41. Same here! Gonna clean up and make ragú! Have a good day everyone!

  42. Garlic gets super mild and slightly nutty and sweet when cooked that long. It's not going to overpower anything unless you're adding several heads.

  43. I dunno... I've tried it a few times and it either added nothing, or edged towards bitter. Garlic just can't be cooked the same way onion cam, at least in my experience.

  44. We’re well into chicken soup territory now

  45. RIght?! Another guy above was all "just add more water", bitch that's just consommé!

  46. With women being typically not as good at/less experience in baseball/softball than guys, I would imagine that this negatively impacts female candidates more than male candidates.

  47. Downvoted for making a good point. Never change, reddit.

  48. This is true. Orthopedic surgeons apparently start the day power lifting. I think its a stress coping mechanism.

  49. It's very true, but there's at least a mild reason - they see the effects of low strength and bone density first hand.

  50. For me they're always positive! It kinda adds to the "humanity" of it.

  51. Oh I don't encourage it. The first time I was shocked.

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