1. I was going to contact support, the terms show Tennessee

  2. Absolutely floored that the one big scorer not in any FD boosts is leading the way...

  3. Kirby Station & The Edge are both nice apartments but just know they will be a 15ish minute drive from the University

  4. Anybody hit those FB MLB lines just now? Had HRs at +10000, but couldn't get my max $0.01 bets to go through. Got 12 bets through on player hits in the +315 to +450 range, and one on Gibson 5+ Ks at +725. I'm already limited to shit on there so not too worried about getting limited more.

  5. Nope but I believe you. Don't see player props and Gibson was nerfed to hell

  6. Action 24/7 in TN has no juice MLB lines til 1pm. Some nice arbs and big EV on mainlines

  7. Does live betting tennis raise any red flags for sportsbooks? Just wondering since I want to continue doing it after the French Open

  8. A beer or two usually gets me to relax a smidge. Not a smoker though

  9. The Way of the Playa has definitely helped me reel my emotions in a bit but I can’t help but get a little stressed here and there

  10. Drop the 3 practice the 4 and maybe pickup a hybrid or fairway driver what’s your iron play like

  11. Good to have a 40 yard driver shot in the bag where needed. Great work 👍🏽

  12. TN people churning through the Superbook bonus, what has been your conversion rate so far? Not sure if 60ish% is good or not.

  13. From my understanding, I make a bet on -200 or lower, receive the bonus, then churn it? Or do you immediately receive the bonus when you deposit?

  14. Would it be better to bet on mainline spreads since you want to make a $1000 bet on Superbook?

  15. Line is moving around but Adams DD is arbable and a good conversion for FB between FD and MGM

  16. This actually might be a nice move. If Calgary wins, you can hedge if you please.

  17. carolina is tomorrow, does it still pay out the free bet?

  18. Illinois peeps, have any of you been to the Draft Kings Casino in East St. Louis? Is it worth the trip from Missouri.

  19. Can anyone tell how to hedge the PB pointsbetting risk-free bet for new users? I'm finding it a little confusing to be honest.

  20. Hey guys, I'm traveling up to St. Louis for work for around 2 or 3 days and just realized that the city is right across the border from Illinois.

  21. If you want to "take advantage" of this hilariously bad CZR promo

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