1. Bloomfield ... and it's a good transit hub to everywhere.

  2. Social services, Salvation Army, United Way, Catholic Charities can guide you on what address is acceptable.

  3. Eagle rock is perfect. From the parking lot you see the city skyline, and there are several very easy trails.

  4. Chit Chat! They must have renamed the Eagle Rock Diner sometime after Pal's Cabin was replaced by a CVS pharmacy store. Is the bowling alley, Eagle Rock Lanes, still next door?

  5. Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange, NJ, has wonderful sunrise views plus hiking trails. If you need to stay close to Jersey City, then I'd recommend the marina there or drive to Liberty State Park or nearby waterfront cities on the Hudson River, such as Weehawken and Hoboken.

  6. Your photos really capture the amazing autumn serenity of the park. Are those a mix of mallards and loons?

  7. In local news coverage it was stated that the Micron facility to be built in Clay, NY, required 3x more land than available in Oneida County at the Marcy nano-site. Also, there's a need to bring mega gallons of water for the fabrication process. The location they chose in Onondaga County is close enough to use Lake Ontario as a resource.

  8. Agreed! If you cannot say something good about yourself then please say nothing at all.

  9. Very nice ... yet very sad at the same time because I remember frequently viewing the WTC Twin Towers from that same vantage point and nearly everywhere on campus. Promised myself to never take such scenic wonders for granted; we never know how long they'll last or whether we'll ever pass that way again. Thanks so much for sharing and keep on capturing photographic memories!

  10. This cute little guy is very photogenic! Thanks for handling with care. Envy you .... I've only encountered toads and garter snakes in the yard.

  11. Absolutely stunning & serene! Thanks for helping us take time to appreciate the natural beauty surrounding us.

  12. Wonderful! The fresh paint will coincide with the entire renaissance of Utica. Thanks Katie & the Common Council. A new dawn is on the horizon!!

  13. That is awesome! Slow and steady s/he swims. Thanks for sharing!

  14. The heart of NY State is still beating beautifully. Embrace the summertime & enjoy!

  15. Your video deserves more viewers. People are unaware of the beauty they're missing.

  16. Profound and meaningful words indeed. Saw this at the very moment I needed to read it. Thank you for posting!

  17. It is sketchy. I recently posted the following after receiving yet another conference invitation to the email address I use for LinkedIn. I hope this info helps shed light on their shady practice.

  18. For those interested in sharing details and helping to eradicate fraudulent schemes, here are a few of my previous posts:

  19. I've seen a ton of these at every place I've worked. My previous place of employment took the initiative of spreading the word to all the women in the organization after I told them about the scam. I'll start posting it on my LinkedIn profile now & hopefully, put a dent in the amount of money they can steal.

  20. Keep on spreading the word .... Together we can help expose the phony leadership conferences. Thanks!!

  21. Simply dazzling! Also recommended is the New Jersey Sunflower Trail at Von Thun Farms in scenic Washington Township, NJ (Warren County) ~

  22. Great photo of a wonderful view! Thanks for helping convey the peaceful easy feeling of the beautiful north country.

  23. Most definitely!!!! Elvis fans love these unique items. I still have a teeny tiny Elvis album cover with bubble gum inside, LOL. Your photo shows 3 of the 4 collector's covers. It goes without saying that having all 4 would increase the value of the set. As TV Guide magazines, they'd qualify for economy media mail; usually, the shipping cost is included with item purchase paid by an ebay or online buyer. Put a little time into researching prior sales of similar items, then list it. ~ "You've got to follow that dream, wherever that dream may lead." (from the 1962 movie Follow That Dream).

  24. Here's a collection of basic info which may be helpful for your visit. Since it's been a number of years since our last trip, there have been changes. For HOF weekend, it seems they've added two paid parking lots (Hank Aaron Lot & Cy Young Lot) adjacent to the Blue Trolley Lot (which may offer free parking). All-Day trolley passes are $5. Downtown shuttles are free. Since you'll have your bikes, getting around may go more smoothly for you without having to wait for crowded transport. All the best ... enjoy!!

  25. What a great All-Star Game tonight! First thing to mention is that if you're hoping to see and meet baseball legends, going into town for the parade or anytime on Saturday is recommended. Each time we've gone to the HOF induction ceremony on Sunday, we took advantage of large areas designated for parking along with free shuttle bus service to the main attractions. You may also walk, under a mile. All events are very welcoming and well organized. Arrive as early as possible for the best seating. Prepare for the hot sun; with plenty of water and food, make the most of waiting and mingling with other fans. The atmosphere is awesome and being there is an unforgettable joy. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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