A PSA For Non-Americans

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  1. I was in a similar boat seeing Dua Lipa, if you're comfortable doing so try using twitter to find other ppl willing to meet up with you so you're at least not alone in GA. I specifically used a hashtag for my show (in my case, # DuaLipaSanJose) and before I agreed to meet up I asked for their IG and to see their ticket. Hope you get to enjoy your show : )

  2. it's really giving right wing talking points lmfaooooo howie and his pinkerton manager of retail operations need to take the L and bargain.

  3. 21 Savage claimed to be from Atlanta and he’s really from the UK.

  4. Mama, Sleep, Interlude/Venom, Vampires, and Cemetary Drive are all on my sesh playlist. I also love playing Gerard's song Getting Down the Germs, the flute goes so hard when i'm 2 edibles in.

  5. now requesting everyone to post their favorite clips (audio or video!) here while i mourn

  6. Bodega Boys got me thru college 😢😢 Pouring out a Becks and watching the DJ Envy clip in memoriam

  7. i've also gotten in trouble for joking w/ my(a lesbian) gay male coworker about ironic homophobia i swear managers have no sense of humor 😭

  8. The problem with those kinds of posts is that people assume ALL Americans are in denial of how shitty it is here. I know. I grew up low income in a latine majority neighborhood. I don't need to hear non americans tell me how much it sucks here when I lived it.

  9. I feel like when Trump won. Just another reaffirmation that hatred for women is always stronger than every bad thing a man says and does.

  10. someone needs to investigate why this sub defends scott so much. everyday i see a new post about how actually kourtney is the problem and not him refusing to get sober/get his shit together.

  11. Gina Carano blocked me on my old account(don't remember why). I also beefed with former drag queen Aja when they were defending Jeffree St*r

  12. I can't believe that Sandy Hook wasn't a September 11 event in the public consciousness. I remember where I was when I heard about Sandy Hook and I bet a lot of people do too. It's not just the amount of lives lost, it represents a loss of national innocence.

  13. i was still in middle school when it happened, i had to watch my teacher (who had an elementary aged kid) burst into tears. always breaks my heart that generations of kids will just have to grow up knowing this as the norm.

  14. if people think masks won't help at a concert: i went to lorde a few weeks ago wearing 1 two layer cloth mask and a medical one under it. guess who didn't end up testing positive even after so many people did?

  15. some of y'all (my manager) need to learn how neurodivergency can affect you at work.

  16. i just woke up from a nap to new My Chem music in almost a decade. This wait was so worth it

  17. home girl went thru so much untreated trauma so obviously she's not gonna make the best decisions lmao. she had to fight to properly bury her husband that she had to watch die in front of her twice and lost her kids. instead of treating her like a villain they should've sent her to therapy

  18. getting tested tuesday and im really hoping my double masking and not taking it off at all gets me a negative result. also sucks i started my period yesterday and i deal with health anxiety 😵‍💫😵‍💫

  19. I hope not lol. Licensed stores are known for chronic understaffing so this definitely sucks for them.

  20. I'm at a high volume cafe store and you can tell I used to work at a tarbux in a mall when it's peak.

  21. I think the fact that Celeste was part of two dramas indicates a pattern of bad behavior.

  22. omg i thought that college student debacle was a fever dream. not even a part of book twitter but i was hooked.

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