You guys were right. Lost all $138,000 selling calls on Tesla

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  1. What incredible man made horrors. These are cities…

  2. Hey, this would not be in your best interest, but I'd buy the case alone if for some strange reason the system doesn't sell!


  4. I've been reading much more these past few months, and it's been super fun. It's always been easier to read something alongside someone else so we can talk about it, but, unfortunately for me, my friends are not book types.

  5. Wait wtf what is this from? I’ve totally forgotten

  6. Only seeing it in person can prepare someone for wsb

  7. I was a bit late to the party given my age. I started around the conclusion of season 2. Funnily enough, one of my earliest memories is going behind my parents' backs to purchase the first two seasons on iTunes.

  8. New England Biolabs has a lot of good information on the subject, as they sell many different restriction enzymes.

  9. Can we get an update on this guy is he doing okay??

  10. I’ve only been playing a few weeks unfortunately. So probably a very low elo. Though I have read a lot, watched youtubes and gotten help from summoner school, adc mains and league of jinx

  11. I'm in a similarly new position. We should play some games together. PM me if you're down!

  12. Beautifully done! Wondering about the food spending, is it normal to pay only 4k per year for stuff like that. It might just be that I’m a Californian

  13. Never mind lmfao I saw the splitting comment

  14. Ill let you all know what happens with stanford. I

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