1. Yeah. We know it isn’t true. We saw it in the scene where he talked to himself in the mirror. He still needs the public’s love.

  2. That's why it's stupid that she's taking it away. Once it's gone he's got nothing left so he will snap.

  3. idk, the russians used some kind of super anesthesia, he couldn't fight back, and they still couldn't do anything to him.

  4. They didn't use super anesthesia. They used the most deadly nerve gas ever created. Novichok. And it only knocks him out.

  5. I kinda wish they would bring it back. He looked good in season 1 and I know he's slipping and his look is supposed to reflect it but he still gets all styled up for the cameras and stuff so he d should look good.

  6. Or my favorite. “There’s nothing to do once you beat the game!” Like, yeah, you’ve beaten it. Hopefully you enjoyed it. Play something else now, come back in a year and try a different story path or wait for a DLC.

  7. I always reply with equally stupid things like "There's nothing to watch after you finish the show." Or "there's nothing to read after you finish the books."

  8. She wants the public to turn on him. This is very apparent.

  9. After he said if the public stops loving him he'll snap and destroy a whole bunch of shit because he's 100% alright with being feared instead.

  10. I don’t understand all of these posts. I’m relatively active in this sub and haven’t seen a single “blue hawk wasn’t so bad” or similar with soldier boy yet on this sub I see many posts calling out those that might make that comment.

  11. Because it doesn't really happen. It's like one or two people and then you get a bunch of people tooting their own horn making response posts to it.

  12. No, it’s because the mods are doing what they do.

  13. You've got 13 mods for over 400k people. It's going to seem like a lot to them just because of the sheer amount of people commenting. It's still a very tiny amount of people relative to everyone else.

  14. Honestly I'd just hold off until the patch drops. It should be happening within a week maybe two. It's frustrating but the update will likely create a better experience for you and will come with a new class as well.

  15. I can honestly see this as testimony: Well your honor, I had seven shots of whiskey and she only had four wine coolers. I was obviously much more drunk and therefore I was the one who was raped.

  16. "So you're saying you had so much to drink you lost control of yourself and raped her? Straight to jail."

  17. That we like our fingers and don't like excruciating pain?

  18. You gotta cook meat to temperature, not time or what it looks like. There is a way to judge doneness by how it feels, but that's like pro chef shit. Amateurs use a thermometer or we make people sick.

  19. If you're being particular temperature is important. But just every day stuff can go by how it looks inside. You're not going to get sick.

  20. A plane once went so fast it shot itself down with its owm ammunition.

  21. I can't believe this got 25 up votes. Yes anything fired from a moving platform will have its speed+the platforms speed. If you can throw a ball at 100mph and you do it from a platform moving at 50mph the ball will move forward at 150mph.

  22. Some new houses Ive been building, the builder wants the popcorn texture because “its making a comeback.”

  23. My boss has done that in a couple places we've renovated. He says it's a modern look. I told him its old school, looks like shit and he should stop getting it done. For some reason the the texture has also been yellowish. Pretty sure the drywaller accidently pissed in the wrong bucket.

  24. How do you feel about Morrigan and Alistair.

  25. The first two games play the best on PC and you should definitely use mkb for it. Inquisition on the other hand seems like it was made for a controller so make sure you can connect it to your PC.

  26. Wait. Was Soldier Boy making a joke about black guys having multiple baby mamas?

  27. No I don't know why there's so many people that think that but it's just like that Batman Beyond episode where he's like "You killed my family" and the bad guy is like "Do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down."

  28. I was just always confused because of the way they've been using family to refer to a singular individual. The whole season MM is talking about how Soldier Boy killed his family, but he then reveals Soldier Boy killed his grandpa, and only his grandpa. So he killed a family member. Continuing this strange use of the word family as a singular I assumed Soldier Boy was asking "which one?" As in "which of your family did I kill?" And thought it was a cool line with dumb grammar. But then after seeing this it popped into my head like, "wait is it a baby mama joke?".

  29. Yeah that is really weird and typically no they do not. Even if they only had one parent they'd refer to them as family but it it would still be "You killed my dad/grandpa/whichever singular family member they killed." My only guess it that since his dad worked himself to death trying to sue vought he considers it that Soldier Boy killed his grandpa and his dad which would be enough people to be called a family.

  30. I despise how they are turning the Canadian flag into a hate symbol

  31. Yeah it's very unfortunate that whenever I see someone flying the Canadian flag my first assumption is that they're probably a cunt. It really shouldn't be that way.

  32. Saw that the other day, it cut deep.

  33. That last sentence definitely hurt the worst for me.

  34. Damn how could you not put Sellen, Ryan and Nepheli in the top tier. They're true homies. Ryan calls you her champion, Sellen supports you basically through everything and Nepheli is just a bro.

  35. Soooo just as boring as the actual film.

  36. I don't disagree. It's an unpopular opinion but I feel like I wasted 3 hours of my life watching it. I just could not get into it or find any of it interesting. And it's not like I hate movies that aren't exciting, I quite enjoyed arrival. Dune just did not resonate with me.

  37. As someone who read the book and enjoyed the movie, I'm genuinely curious what you found so dry (lol) about it. I know it's not for everyone, the book or the movie.

  38. I'm not sure how to explain it. I really just did not like it. I didn't care about any of the characters, there wasn't even one that I found interesting. Plus it somehow felt like a lot was happening but also nothing was happening. It's weird because it's one of those movies I watched and I'm like "Well, I can tell this isn't a bad movie, but I absolutely hate it."

  39. I tend to do Isabella, Merril and Aveline with a sarcastic warrior Hawke. I just like the how Isabela treats merril like a little sister and how much she gets on Avelines nerves.

  40. What we're not told is that the "A" stands for African American. They wanted to be a little more politically correct and not call him black train.

  41. I actually like the way she looks right now so I hope they don't change it. I hated the her second iteration though it just looked terrible.

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