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  1. Songs where the artist is just rapping over another song, not a loop or a sample? Like Ghostface - Holla (over The Delfonics) and ABC (over Jackson 5)

  2. I can’t find any modern g-funk as funky as 2 P’z in a Pod, except some other LNDN DRGS shit lol. Any recs? I know of G Perico and them but it doesn’t hit as hard for me, I prefer Perico on features. I’m gonna get more into Ramirez & Polyester the Saint.

  3. In Us We Trust side A and B by Polyster are good g funk

  4. I thought the ecstasy reference was bit odd that was such a 90s drug, opioids were on the rise in the 2010’s.

  5. crazy how the future album was so low at the rate. such an embarrassing moment for the groupchat

  6. damn we were just about to send you an invite too

  7. East coast songs with a west coast sound?

  8. JAY Z - Justify My Thug prod. Quik

  9. Is there any chronicle, history, or wiki about the development of gun mouth sounds? We may never get to the bottom of whether rappers are much for making gun noises with guns, but when it comes to making gun noises with their mouths, there can be no doubt. There has been so much pioneering work and innovation in this aspect of the craft, but has there been much analysis? We've had BLAP BLAP BLAP, PLAP PLAP PLAP, BRAP BRAP BRAP, BLACKA BLACK BLACKA, YACHT YACHT YACHT YACHT, and I'm probably only scratching the surface. Kanye and Em risked everything with pew, pew, pew! and witness the payoff. In the last decade we've been treated to interpretations of DOOT DOOT DOOT DOOT by almost everybody. By almost. Everybody. Where will this all go in the next ten years? What regions of this space have yet to be explored? But mainly what I want to know is, how is it all connected? Is there a pattern? IS THERE A WIKI? I don't have the time to listen to every hip hop song. I wish I did.


  11. What Jadakiss tracks would you compile to make a “classic” album? Maybe like 10 or 15 or however many. Just wondering bec I know his albums don’t get much love in general

  12. We don’t talk about The Heatmakerz enough when talking about the great producers of hip hop. Their early work with Dipset is easily enough to put them in the convo and they have stayed consistent to this day

  13. I agree. My favorite beat this year is from them (Vacheron by Rick Ross & AZ). Some people feel they’re like a cheaper Just Blaze/Kanye because of the chipmunk soul wave that they rode but that’s doing them an injustice. Some of their flips are insane, they’re masters at flipping popular songs without it feeling forced or corny or something

  14. Why is there so many Dwayne The Rock Johnson saves the world movies

  15. I’ve always liked Mac Miller, there were times when I had him pretty heavily in my rotation (when GO:OD AM dropped especially), but I was never a big fan or anything. with I Love Life, Thank You being added to streaming, it inspired me to go back & hear his early work starting with KIDS since I was only really familiar with his catalog from WMWTSO on. On paper I should hate his early music but I actually really enjoyed myself while listening to it, probably because Mac is just a likable dude. There’s a certain charm & sincerity to it, and I was also surprised by how great some of the production was.

  16. Where should I start with Your Old Droog? I always see his name but never checked out his stuff. Is he good?

  17. He’s great. It Wasn’t Even Close & Dump YOD: Krutoy Edition are his best projects imo. His run since Packs in 2017 is pretty incredible. Some lesser projects here & there but extremely solid.

  18. Shout out to the user who like a month ago mentioned Dirty Acres by Cunninlynguists, it really is a great album and I only knew the song with MF DOOM off of it

  19. I don't think there is any DOOM & Cunninlynguists collab lol

  20. that’s what i was thinking. maybe he’s referring to a sample I forgot about

  21. Flo Milli album is incredible tbh

  22. I miss Lil Peep. It’s insane how young he was when he made some of my favorite music of all-time. Of course it’s very angsty & clearly made by a young person but it felt so authentic. He was such a talented songwriter and vocalist. He sounded just as good live.

  23. I want Sean House (the producer, half of LNDN DRGS with Jay Worthy) to produce for more artists. As far as I can see he’s only produced for Jay & whoever Jay collabs with. His production is incredible.

  24. I really like AUTOBOTO, a lot of nice bars, mostly in the 2nd verse, the hook is lowkey fire especially the car(rrera) sounds

  25. yeah it’s one of my favorite songs of the year, Lupe is always great lyrically but it’s cool when he puts out something that’s sonically a banger

  26. Unlikely but I remember a pic of I think Mach Hommy wearing a white/navy hoodie with Felix the Cat on it, anyone got the pic/know the brand?

  27. might be Off-White but not sure

  28. New Westside Gunn/Stove God Cooks/Madlib ahead of the album tonight

  29. in which episode does this happen?


  31. Hey remember that clip we posted yesterday? I split it into photos and reposted it for karma

  32. That’s my fault for not seeing if this had been posted recently but it has nothing to do with karma, this was just on my mind.

  33. Wasn’t actually sure how to word it but boxer shorts & a tank top isn’t exactly “fully dressed” so.....

  34. Dwight doesn't care about cheating. He slept with Angela while she was dating Andy.

  35. True, but I think this is a little different. He does care for Pam, I don’t think he’d be so nonchalant about Jim cheating. I took it as him not thinking Jim is capable of cheating. Maybe I’m overthinking it tho

  36. did ya'll know 10 years ago, Frank Ocean posted on Tumblr???

  37. i checked my all time spotify stats today, and my top 10 artists of all time are lucki, smino, drake, aaliyah, shoreline mafia, brent faiyaz, nef the pharaoh, asap rocky, britney spears, and larry june. number 11 and 12 are tisakorean and summer walker.

  38. u live in CA, possibly lgbt, possibly a casual drug user but it could be a problem in the future, you have a thriving social life

  39. More songs like The Cow? I barely listen to Griselda too.

  40. Conway - Stressed, God Don’t Make Mistakes (title track on the album)

  41. Food & Liquor 2 didn’t live up to the first but if you ignore the title it’s really not bad. Some bad moments maybe, but I liked it overall. A lot of conscious shit on there despite the poppy stuff

  42. Check the thread! Already did.

  43. This is an Hal Hanley piece!! Hes such an incredible artist. I got his Sting and Venom/Carnage art..

  44. Yes, thank you! I couldn’t remember the artist’s name but I highly recommend checking him out as well.

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