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  1. Honestly I am excited because of the much higher quality CGI versus the original, as original CGI was never the greatest to start with. Hopefully this remake will be better than the Alaska 261 remake they did back in the Season 22.

  2. I actually go to sonoma state so I'm only an hour away from sf!! I actually haven't had the chance to get ammo yet because I had to go back to school but I will get ammo asap and I'd love to go shooting ! Do you have an Instagram?

  3. Stop by sportman's warehouse, I think there one right next to SSU? They usually some ammo in stock, last week I picked up 200 rounds in 9mm at 33cpr and 1k in 5.56 at 55cpr. Also hit me up as well, since I need a shooting buddy in the bay area as well lol.

  4. When you bought it did it give you a delivered to the store date? Mine says it will be there November 23rd, same day I get out of 30 day California handGun jail

  5. I brought a Glock 17 from Sportsman's to be picked up at Fairfield on Nov 1st, the date that was on the confirmation email was Nov 10th. However its a rough estimate when their truck gets from Utah to the local store. It actually arrived at Fairfield on Nov 12th, and it took another 2 days for the staff to unload and check the gun into the store's inventory so it can be picked up. I didn't start my paperwork until the 15th. So in your case you are probably going to add 5 more days on top?

  6. How was communication? I’m okay with waiting for it. as long as the communication is there. Im a 90 minute drive with traffic

  7. You will receive an email that your online order is ready for pickup, or if you are impatient like I was. You can call the store and ask if the truck has arrived, they will usually tell you if it has arrived or not, they are unloading, they have unload and is waiting for the online order person to check the orders into the system. (The person over the phone at Fairfield told me that they received 3 pallets of online ordered firearms from the once a week truck, and it was only a single person working overnight to check all of it into the system. So that's why it might 2 or 3 days to get it into the system ready to pick up, even though it has arrived at the store already.)

  8. I'll take it. Shoot me a message and I'll get the money on the way

  9. From what I can tell on sportsman's warehouse's website both rohnert park and fairfield have anderson and spikes tactical stripped lower receivers in stock and as far as I can tell they are not price gouging. However make sure you call and ask just to be sure.

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