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  1. I'll go first, everyone thinks I'm insane bc I love fries with mustard NOT ketchup

  2. Need a fence installed? Well do it the reich way!

  3. Before your code goes to the actual website/program you have auditors that check it for bugs, generally automated.

  4. I can’t tell if you just tried to dumb down an explanation of CI/CD Pipelines or…?

  5. Our balloon would be bigger and have a bad ass eagle on it and a GAU-8 and just generally be more balloonier

  6. Warhead targeting beacon so the missiles can locate you

  7. It should be illegal to post pictures like this and not provide a source.

  8. Best way to summarize it. Honestly, they wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t purport to be “just as good” and weren’t closing in on price so rapidly to their Japanese or North American competition. Sure, you can save maybe $1500 on a comparable machine, but does that matter all that much if it’s resale drops like a rock and the machine only lasts half as long with twice the issues?

  9. So buy a Tracker atv from bass pro? Got it!

  10. Is a subreddit concerned about privacy and security

  11. I see you've figured it out, but the find command can also be helpful in similar scenarios.

  12. 🎵 He took the midnight train going down-on-her 🎵

  13. I got a good car idea, how about a steering wheel that does not fall off while you are driving. It’s a good idea and I stand by it

  14. Lol great idea Einstein. Do you realize how dumb that sounds? Just leave the space age engineering to Elon ok?

  15. Ever had uncontrollable diarrhea on a plane? Well now you can!

  16. Naw i cannot do that because i do not have write and execute permission on the file . I'm on a ssh server

  17. How about for i in $(ls file*); do file $i | grep ASCII; done

  18. I’d rather be in a coma than own that one

  19. Mexican tacos are great, in more ways than one.

  20. Wanna borrow my flash drive? It has the 2010 Olympic Games on it

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