Bills 😂

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  1. Yes. A movie is a movie no matter what the genre. John Wayne and Eastwood mostly made westerns and I believe most people call them movie stars.

  2. Good. This means I can go to bed earlier.

  3. Why the hell would he wanna go to Buffalo and freeze his ass off for a team that's gonna finish second or third in its division and lose in KC in the playoffs?

  4. But it's even less often that a number ten pick completely changes a franchise.

  5. Mahomes 10th pick. Marino 28th pick. Jim Kelly 14th pick. Derrick Henry 2nd round. Montana 2nd round. Brees 2nd round. Richard Sherman 5th round. Ray Lewis 26th overall.

  6. Yep. This season does not get talked about enough. First playoff win in 21 years, 11 straight wins. This is why last year when we were 3-4 I knew we would rebound and win the division still.

  7. Urban was already all over Nebraska last fall.

  8. Bob Iger, the real Disney prince of the castle

  9. In the dairy room, do they give them milk and Ice cream?

  10. doesn't mean they'll be effective if they aren't 100%

  11. San Diego, LA, doesn't matter. Chargers can't run from who they really are

  12. If he woulda thrown a TD, I woulda won $44,000 . Fanduel had a + 22,000 bet if every team throws a TD in the noon and afternoon games. Steelers were the only team that didn't. Well damn

  13. If Kenny Pickett threw a TD I woulda won 44,000. They had a bet going if a TD was thrown in all the noon and afternoon games + 22,000. I put $200 into it. Damn steelers are the only team that didn't throw one.

  14. Is it temporary or permanent relief?

  15. I had a cup of tea, can't speak to dosing. For about a month to six weeks I felt like a different person.

  16. Where can I get some? Any trustworthy websites?

  17. I used to live in Jacksonville! My trash talk is why is Jacksonville so large land wise? Why does it take 40 minutes to get anywhere???

  18. OBJ said this morning Bills, Packers, Giants, Cowboys are his final four.

  19. That really means Bills, Giants, and Cowboys are his final teams. No chance he joins the mess up in Green Bay.

  20. Happened against Chargers, Raiders and now Titans

  21. Except it didn't. And if you want to go there Bronco fan, your teams 97 -98 playoff win over the Chiefs featured several controversial calls that went in your team's favor.

  22. Doesn't change the fact that the NFL is helping their golden boy Mahomie

  23. Hey Bronco fan, your team should find out how to get "bailed out". They should ask Manning for advice on getting help from the refs

  24. The brightside is Willis I getting great experience that will benefit him in the future

  25. It wasn't Obrien that nuked the Texans, it was the pastor guy they hired to run the organization (and now fired him)

  26. She met him as a football player, she knew his passion. Time with kids is BS. He doesn't have a full time office job like most people do, 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week , plus commute time. He spends plenty of time at home. She needs to except his passion or move on girl. Brady never ask you to quit your career.

  27. She kinda did forgo her career to take care of the family while he does football

  28. I remember this. Dang, lot forgotten memory unlocked!

  29. Vanessa Rousso and Paul yep you called it right in my opinion. The funny thing is I doubt we'll see either one again.

  30. Fake. Every video I see nowadays like this seems acted out.

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