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  1. Extracting the THC from hemp (legal) instead of cannabis flower (illegal)

  2. I bought a car not too long ago. Sticker was MSRP. Trying to make a deal they said there was a non-negotiable $10K dealer fee on top of sticker. Guess who didn't buy their car there? Me. I went to another dealer who didn't charge anything over MSRP (never thought paying MRSP would be ideal). F these dealers who do this. However, it has been done in the past per the older folks.

  3. A lot of dealers rely on people being basically too lazy to go find a different dealer. You’ve decided you want this car, you’ve sat around for 3 hours while they did all their financing stuff, you get the contract and they’ve tagged on an extra $10k. People still sign that shit because they just want to drive their car off the lot today.

  4. Same thing with selling! I had an old 97 Mitsubishi diamanté that I was selling. Wanted around 800, they offered 300. We just said no and started to leave, they asked us what we wanted for it so we told them 800, they offered us 1000 on the spot to buy it. Idk why they wanted that car so bad but I wish we said 12 or something lmao

  5. That’s hilarious, clearly trying to lowball you then immediately give in and pay up.

  6. How depressing. The first thing we do when we move into a new place is paint over all the terrible beige/tan/taupe walls.

  7. Well it’s not uncommon for people to re-paint their walls in a neutral color like white/beige before they sell it so it’s easy to repaint for the new owners.

  8. I’ve been playing since I was 12 and I’ve broken one club in my life

  9. Yeah. My daughter has opted to move to Chicago from Boston. She just likes it more, and it's a little cheaper too boot!

  10. Chicago is one of the most affordable major cities to live in, but shhhh it’s actually a murderous hellhole ;)

  11. Denial Twist and Take, Take, Take are two of my favorite stripes songs that I feel like everyone forgets about

  12. Jack has two albums out this year and his picks a cover song from his 2012 album? Hahaha

  13. Yeah but I’m shakin objectively slaps, I actually had it on my spring 22 playlist lol

  14. A small amount of inflammation in the heart that resolves isn’t a permanent problem anyway.

  15. People fail to understand the difference in inflammation between a vaccine and actual illness. Part of covids disease process is causing a cascade of inflammation which leads to serious damage to the heart, lungs and potentially other parts of the body.

  16. Insane costs required to build something completely untested. Not a good ROI

  17. Yeah this guide worries me, how is need stitches and broken ankle/arm in the same category as sore throat. This guide only accounts for visible blood, lack of blood flow, and lack of air. Like you mentioned, why wouldn’t someone nearly incapacitated and vomiting be at the top? Cool guide, but it’s not meeting the status quo IMO.

  18. This guide is certainly not all inclusive, triaging involves many factors. Air flow and blood are two things where every second counts. Generally speaking, vomiting can wait. Not defending the staff of the commenter above me (taking the wheel chair away is a shit move) but if she told them she thought it was food poisoning, then proceeded to vomit, they probably just thought it was that.

  19. I have a manual/hand powered can opener that does the same thing. Takes like 3 rotations to do the job though, so I much prefer the one I have from the 70s which powers through the top of the lid in one turn.

  20. As a kid, I told my mom I lost a tooth when I didn't. I had a deer molar that my uncle gave me and I put that under my pillow. The next morning I woke up to a very pissed off note from the Tooth Fairy. More or less said she was too busy to deal with this shit and I shouldn't dick her around.

  21. I did the opposite once. I was getting suspicious that my parents were actually the tooth fairy, I lost a tooth and didn’t tell a soul. I put the tooth under my pillow and it was still there in the morning. Told my parents the next day that I lost a tooth and then it was replaced with a dollar the next morning.

  22. I was about to comment about how this won’t help prices go down much due to a lack of growing licenses being awarded. Then I did some research and it turns out Illinois has been slowly granting more growing permits, largely to social equity applicants similar to their storefront licenses detailed in this article.

  23. We just drink a lot of beer, that's all there is to it. Most towns have their small brewery.

  24. Spent a week in Pilzen, drank the most beer I ever have in that time. Absolutely beautiful town that simply loves their beer.

  25. I get stomach pain/bloating issues from wearing too tight a waistband very often, even when not hiking and my diet staying the same.

  26. I mean at least they didn’t go with the offensive drunk gambler stereotype, they made this one pretty badass

  27. This is definitely better than drunk gambler or the classic “ruthless savages” stereotype, which is so far from the truth considering most (all) of the savagery was being done TO natives by white men.

  28. ALL is obviously incorrect but she is absolutely right that the vast majority of truck drivers will be safer drivers than the general populace.

  29. Based solely on my experience driving/seeing crazy videos like this, 1 in 10 truck drivers are morons, 5 in 10 (or more) car drivers are morons.

  30. The handful of good cops police the barrel of shit cops (in towns that are lucky enough to have a handful of good cops)

  31. Or the pga could make it so players have a reason to stay other than: "leave and will ban you!" This just puts players in a hostage situation. The pga could, I don't know... Pay the players what they're worth. Let them have they're own media rights. It also wouldn't hurt if the pga improved their broadcasts and fan experience. People complain about the shot gun starts, but it condenses the broadcast down to at most five and a half hours as opposed to basically the whole day, so it's way more digestible. I saw everyone complain about how many commercials there were in the three majors not named the Masters... Well guess what, Liv doesn't have any commercials. Competition may not be great for companies like the pga tour, because that means they have to actually make their product good instead of relying on their monopoly, but competition in business is great for customers, in this case fans, who reap the benefits of the two companies trying to make their tour as great as possible for fans and players.

  32. Competition to improve a product only works when both companies are trying to make money from their product, which the Saudis are not. LIV is a terrible product for fans aside from not having commercials (which would change if people started actually watching it)

  33. They cannot allow skiers to use it and not snowboarders...

  34. Yeah it’s pretty simple, boarders can take the lift up snowbird and cross over to the other side of the mountain and go down. When I was at Alta/snowbird a few years ago I saw a couple boarders doing this, really not a big deal.

  35. Also, factories have slow days just like amy other business. It's either this job, or send her home without pay.

  36. As someone who spent 6 years working in a factory, this is very true. Sometimes your whole day turns into you trying to look somewhat busy so you don’t get sent home without pay.

  37. I get the comparison, but an 8% chance of disease or malformation is irresponsible to your future children. I wouldn’t gamble with those odds.

  38. It’s roughly the same risk of disability as having a child at an older age. Mothers over age 35 and fathers over ~40 are at a similarly increased risk for having a child with genetic/mental disorder.

  39. Also curious, I just moved here 2 months ago and need some new spots

  40. What area are you in? You can pretty much just Google courses near you and if it looks decent it probably is. Mt prospect and Schaumburg both have terrific muni courses

  41. The worst concert I have ever been to was the Black Keys. This was at the United Center in Chicago, and the acoustics and sound quality were completely fucked. My ears literally hurt so bad just listening to it.

  42. Damn I think I was at that show, (cage the elephant opened) acoustics were certainly rough, not the worst I’ve heard, maybe because I was in the pit.

  43. Oh wow, I remember seeing Cage open for Black Keys in Milwaukee. I specifically went for Cage and was so disappointed in their live performance, thought the singer sounded terrible. And then Black Keys, I only knew like two of their songs, but thought they sounded great.

  44. Yeah Cage was never the best sounding live, but the energy they bring is unmatched.

  45. Soldier field is currently for rich fans. For how bad the bears are, ticket prices are outrageous.

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