1. I think it’s acceptable as long as proper consent and stuff is given, not normal but acceptable.

  2. i love showing off my boobs, tho im not exactly normal lol

  3. Yeah I was gonna say, I'm totally down to have a bunch of dudes feel me up but that's just me 😳

  4. that sounds amazing! i love being desired and being felt up like that is making me a bit hot and bothered hehe

  5. I had this feeling for a bit when I was initially transitioning, it came mostly from being unsure about what would be essential to pass socially, so I was exploring a lot of things that maybe I'd felt too inhibited to explore pre-transition.

  6. i can really relate to this. earlier in my transition i felt like i was more performing than just being myself. what i was doing was exploring how to hold myself in social situations in order to pass. now that im more comfortable with my identity, im actually able to do things without feeling like im acting. i am a woman bc i am a woman, not bc of how i act or hold myself

  7. being purposely deceptive is a type of lying, i agree. but did op lead her to believe hes cis or did she assume hes cis?

  8. cis is the default for most ppl, i understand that. i dont understand why op needs to disclose hes trans and that by not disclosing that hes lying

  9. Ugh, one of my good friends who has avoided most of these problems shared her sibling’s dead name with me. Like why? That’s not their name anymore. No one needs to know it.

  10. my former coworker did this to me a few times. he deadnamed a trans woman he knew from hs. like wtf? i dont need to know her deadname.

  11. That's the oldest individual, but you could make an argument about the priests of Inanna and later Cybele. They lived as women and castrated themselves at times (though there is evidence that they were respected and had big families sometimes)

  12. it makes me wonder if the christians banned the practice of worship of pre-christian gods because of their practices around gender (or at least in part).

  13. It is actually theorised that some sects of the ancient Hebrews wanted to break with then customary local customs. These included nudity, sexual rituals and male-male contact, and were part of worship by ancient hebrews and other peoples.

  14. thanks for the reading material! ill definitely give this a read

  15. I couldn't keep a straight face but luckily it was twitter. They then asked about if i was on hormones and if i knew the risks.

  16. this is the most bizarre thread ive read. the thread on your profile space karen was refering to clearly says you always wanted to be a girl. and if you do a tad bit of reading and math, youre clearly not a teenager... how did she come to the conclusion that youre a (cis) lesbian teen? she mustve skipped something or has no reading comprehension. in either case, shes pretty dumb and/or trying to enact her antitrans agenda.

  17. for me personally, i dont want to delete my past. rather, i want to control who has access to it.

  18. i can really relate to not being in my dreams before transitioning. it was most often "me' watching something happen rather than me being a part of the dream itself. now i have that avatar.

  19. Fuck, I'm not gonna lie, if circumstances were different I'd be all over it.

  20. omg! yeah i'd be pretty reserved about sharing pics with him too. i mean, they're tits, not some strange curiosity. and, a "kink"!?! wtf? that guy has some serious issues he needs to work on, jeezus

  21. The worst part is he seemed really cool during the years I worked with him and he's also pretty cute, so I really wasn't opposed at first, but like, just treat me like any other girl.

  22. but he just had to ruin it by being creepy. he could've seen some awesome tits, but noooo. what a fucking weirdo.

  23. Idk if you're asking in good faith or not, but I'm happy to answer.

  24. There's no impersonation going on in being stealth or being trans. When I mentioned "cis passing," I thought that's what you had in mind. Being visibly trans has little to do with stealth (but it definitely helps if you aren't visibly trans).

  25. Either my distinction is valid or it’s not. You said both here. Which is it?

  26. This makes sense actually. The outcomes are pretty much the same between an ultimatum and a boundary, but each term has a different set of connotations attached to them. One evokes a sense of final judgement, while the other evokes a sense of a line that should be respected and not crossed.

  27. Allistic cisbians are overrated. Bonding with transbians, autistic or not, is way more satisfying, imo. Plus, who doesn't like some girldick? I know I do hehe.

  28. It always seemed to me from the first grade on, my greatest burden to try to figure out the boy thing. I don't know exactly what I mean by that? It was like a school subject, something I had to figure out and learn, I could never understanding it?

  29. It sounds like you've had a really interesting life so far with lots of ups and downs.

  30. I never paid that much attention to girls. I know that sounds strange, being someone who is a girl.

  31. I kind of know what you mean about girls and stuff. I wanted to be friends with girls but would get made fun of by people. They said I had a crush on them or somehow made it weird. So I ended up making friends with boys (or at least sticking with my friend group, which was entirely guys).

  32. So my wife sometimes does this and will accidently refer to me as he/him. But I'm a trans woman and she definitely sees me as a woman at this point. And she respects me and actually much prefers the person I am now. So, what gives why would she make this mistake?

  33. This is relateable. I've misgendered myself when telling stories from my own past. In particular, when I talk about what others said about me in that memory (like, in reference to what someone said about something I'd done: "don't worry, he's just really high," when my pronouns are actually she/her).

  34. We discussed this imbalance quite a lot. A voice inside of me also feels that it’s unfair and that it has to do with double standards. He says that it’s not unfair because I am not insecure nor jealous but he is… Perhaps we should really work on these insecurities first. I have a lot of love for him but it’s hard not to feel used and bitter.

  35. This does not sound good to me. It's like if someone enjoys sweets so much that they get jealous of other people eating sweets (because they don't get to eat all the sweets and have to watch others eat them), whereas another person likes sweets but can live without them and doesn't mind when others eat them.

  36. I've had a 60 year old guy hit on me (I'm 23) and I just thought "Even if you WERE in my age range... Ew.". Also his behaviour was sleazy 🤢

  37. I don't really consider myself to have ever been the "other gender" but while I was not out and was perceived as a man I objectively didn't face the misogyny I do now, my transition is what radicalized me as a feminist because the differences were so glaringly horrible.

  38. Guys, particularly older men, second guess me a lot more than when I was seen as a man. Like, yesterday a guy asked me three times if I was sure I got his one item order right. It's a food order, it's not that hard.

  39. A boomer woman scoffed at me in disapproval once while I was wearing jeans with holes in them. I take that as a point of pride.

  40. I'm sure that it's just a coincidence that the only nurse at my friendly neighborhood plasma merchant who consistently misgenders me is also the only Boomer there, rocking her generation's trademark Resting Disapproval Face.

  41. I've worn makeup once since starting HRT. So pretty much everyone's seen me without it. I don't mind so much. However, I'd love to be able to do makeup and feel more beautiful. I want to make boys drool over me hehe. It's just my finances aren't in order and my skill is completely lacking in the makeup department.

  42. Personally i take the first red flag i see from someone and run with it. If illl probably nver see them again, they can fuck off and I'll just leave the situation.

  43. You have a good point. It's not worth the risk or energy to try to go past a red flag, especially if you'll never see them again.

  44. Little does thie idiot know but if you have too much testosterone it'll be converted to estrogen I learnt that on

  45. Lmao! This is true and why bodybuilders who dope up grow boobies if they're not careful. That guy was pretty uninformed.

  46. a lot of work places whose dress codes are against legging allow most of the employees get around it by wearing a longer shirt/dress or wearing shorts over them.

  47. This is actually really good to know. Thanks for the advice!

  48. You can get rid of the basically in your comment, because that is the all-encompassing definition of cis.

  49. I mean, you're right. But defining cis as being not trans is kind of othering to us trans people. It's like saying there are two kinds of people in the world: bad and not bad (and guess which one we are).

  50. Yeah this has come up in my transition journey. I've had a few candid conversation with a best friend about our time in the military. Got some behind the scenes knowledge I never knew about that basically boiled down to the males around me not understanding how I think and it happening in reverse. It was low-key enough that it was never brought up but makes soooo much sense now in hindsight.

  51. This is really interesting to me. I've been thinking about the same thing lately: if guys have never really understood me. Would you mind sharing what you learned about it? If not, that's totally fine and I'd understand. I'm just really curious.

  52. Actually I confused both sides of the cis-gender aisle.

  53. That's so cool! Thanks for sharing <3 I really resonate with being confused with signals with girls. I was very indirect in showing my interest in them and I'm sure that caused some confusion lol.

  54. I'm currently pre everything. I'm barely even out of my egg, so to speak. But there is one think I know about myself.

  55. I can totally relate. Pre-transition, I had absolutely no attraction for men. Now, I like that feeling of fullness inside of me. I would not have done this before feeling comfortable in my own body as a woman. Definitely valid feelings.

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