1. "Nowadays I'll be around someone and all I'll be thinking is, 'God, Joe would hate this person.'"

  2. Is there a reason the males would be less likely to make it to adulthood? Otherwise the ratio should remain the same.

  3. Misleading title. The National Review (not really a news source) references the NY Post, who wrote about a random TV host in Russia making the claim of NK offering 100,000 volunteers. Not the same as evidence of an actual offer as the title suggests.

  4. Literal fake news gets pinned to the top of

  5. Didn't take very long in the comments to see it being called out so reddit still checks out

  6. no it doesn't. this post still sits at the top of this subreddit with FAR more upvotes than anything else on the frontpage and the vast majority of comments under this post are treating the information in this article as accurate.

  7. I just scoured this sun looking for this post because I had seen it when you originally posted. I tested negative and was symptom free for a couple days.

  8. Actually been feeling great (knock on wood, of course).

  9. Same thing happened to me and it turned out to be strep throat infection. Per dr, our immune systems are so down any other virus or bacteria can easily infect us. Dr said big ones are strep and mono right now. I was surprised I had strep, blamed it on COVID and if dr hadn’t suggested test I would still be battling it without antibiotics. All this sucks. Sending positive vibes and well wishes to everyone here. Feel better soon.

  10. That actually makes a lot of sense, thanks for the insight.

  11. lmao it was literally less than 4 years ago, but sure.

  12. he's running some pyramid scheme where people pay to take courses on how to be "alpha" or whatever and part of his model is that you have to recruit other people into those courses and spread his content. i read that on the internet somewhere

  13. Yeah it’s literally just a very standard MLM scheme with referral codes and everything. The people who are clipping up and spreading his content all over social media are doing it because they have a referral link in their bios and are trying to get people.

  14. I work in a high school too and between fucks like this guy and sarm goblins, this group of teens are a lost generation. It’s a good thing they’re too young to know or care about Bapa and his group of Bbbeaastt comedians.

  15. Jesus Christ, idolizing Andrew Tate, being terminally online and drastically altering your hormones during puberty sounds like a recipe for a whole bunch of genuinely violent individuals walking the streets once these kids turn college aged…

  16. Dolphina keeps getting up and leaving the room in these clips I keep seeing. I mean, I would want to detach myself from those cringe moments too, but seems a little excessive.

  17. Cocaine. Only way he can bear to be there.

  18. Why does he always try to shit on Tyson every chance he gets? Did Tyson get some kind of opportunity that shob was applying for and the obvious choice to be made was Tyson?

  19. Yeah I'm out of the loop on how this one-sided beef started... Did Bredact somehow perceive Tyson as having wronged him in the past? Because Brandon ovvissly has some sort of problem with Tyson even though I'm sure Tyson has no idea who the fuck Scoob is.

  20. He's more the Joe Rogan version of that YouTube couple who adopted a baby then abandoned it once they realized it had a birth defect.

  21. Not on a dude that looks like an old haggard bird. But what do I know? It’s not my demo.

  22. The thing is, and I'm not trying to be humorous here this is dead serious, D'Elia is past the point of trying to "attract" the high schoolers in a traditional sense. What he engages in is manipulation, deceit, and domination by leveraging his status as a celebrity, his much older age, his position of power, wealth, etc. in order to coerce these girls to have sex with him.

  23. Jeselnek looks like he's not really there.

  24. HAHAHA didn't even notice him the first time I watched this clip

  25. I'm not a US citizen, but isn't all help to Ukrain pretty much unanimous?

  26. Expansionist militarism has been a bipartisan policy in America since it's foundation.

  27. Imagine being in your 40s/50s and this is your career.

  28. He's claimed that "That's how we tawlg in Callrollo."

  29. Lol same deal with me - I was 6'3" when I was 13, everyone thought I was going to be a 7-foot freak. Didn't grow a single CM since then.

  30. He dresses like what a 39 year old thinks an edgy 14 year old dresses like.

  31. I wish Callahan would have asked "Do you know 50?" Just so we can see some more stumbling bumbling 10 year old-level lying from brenda.

  32. Those chains are fucking creep level

  33. I heard they're all the rage with the kids though

  34. I guarantee the dude already made a killing

  35. Yeah symptoms for me were more like a rollercoaster than a steady decline that you would expect from something like a flu or common cold.

  36. Having lived in Korea for nearly twenty years, that hasn’t been my experience with Korean companies at all. Virtually all of the management in foreign offices are Korean. There are so many Koreans working at these plants, that I nearly loved back to the US to open a business to support them.

  37. Now do SMART. Next do the actual factory instead of the head office.

  38. Now you're just moving the goalposts. The post that you're responding to was specifically talking about Hyundai America. Then you replied with a refute saying "Virtually all of the management in foreign offices are Korean".

  39. Brendan's entire personality is "I'm friends with Joe Rogan"

  40. they shouldn't. but just because they do doesn't justify adding more debt to the pile. people need to be responsible for their own choices/decisions. how hard is that to understand?

  41. Ironically the people who say this are the same people in favor of corporate bailouts and tax subsidies for the wealthy because it'll all "trickle down" and eventually raise all boats.

  42. It's different because a corporate bailout goes to important things like executives and stock buybacks and dividend pay outs.

  43. Also back into the coffers of the congresspeople that voted for the bailouts.

  44. people will laugh their asses off in 10 years when we watch youtube videos about nfts. i can’t wait.

  45. When we're going through the next Great Depression in 5-10 years time people are going to look back at the days when people were spending billions of dollars on virtual currencies and virtual artworks and think "Jesus christ... were we really that fucking dumb?"

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