1. Failure to adapt would be an entry level sep which is only an option in the first 180 days, (MPM 1910-154). If you've been in longer that wouldn't be an option for you, and you'll have to explore other options.

  2. There is no paywall for me. I have never signed up or paid for Washington post. I dug through multiple articles to find one you could actually read. I also provided another link to a yahoo post since some are having issues with a paywall and others aren’t. Thanks for your support in spreading awareness about sexual assault and harassment in the military!

  3. This is about merchant marines, not the military.

  4. So clearly you didn’t take a quick google search before posting to discover that the merchant marines are a branch of the Navy? Or read my post explaining that all midshipmen at the US Merchant Marine Academy are members of the US Navy Reserve and commission as active or reserve officer in the Armed Forced? But thanks for exposing yourself that you care more about trying to “correct” someone than you do about sexual assault in the Navy!

  5. Ok you don't have to be nasty. I actually read your explanation and was going to delete my response but it wasn't showing up.

  6. Not stupid, I was hired thinking I was GS, but was told at a later date its a GG position.

  7. The General Schedule is a pay scale for government civilians. GG is a just a slightly different flavor. A GS-12 is roughly equivalent to an O-4.

  8. So are you a GG or GS? I've bever heard of GG.

  9. I once got yelled at for knowing what would happen if I was reduced in rate at my mast.

  10. Why do they have to fuck with people on the way out? I was friends with a woman for years. She gets promoted a year or so before I retired. Acted like a complete nut job. Trying to make me do the CCCs work because he wasn't doing it. My solution was to talk to him and make it sure it got done. Her solution was to involve the community leadership and our unit XO. Tried making me travel to seminars that were on FB live when I had literally just worked 2 weeks straight. Tattled that I didn't call her by rank in an email. (We were Resevists and not on duty.) Plus she'd just called me 2 seconds before that and addressed me by first name. Her favorite phrase became, "I need you to realize you still have a year left."

  11. I hope his mom haunts her ass forever.

  12. Is he staying he wouldn't have stayed in if he had to cut his hair?

  13. Call the local VA Regional Office or go there if you're close enough. Every Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office has homeless Veteran coordinators to help you with resources. The VA Healthcare facilities should as well.

  14. So they plan to subpoena your CO to traffic court lol. That lady is an idiot, and so is the judge if that's really happening.

  15. The fact it’s on. Honda Ridgeline is funny asf

  16. It was a Hyundai Santa Cruz actually.

  17. Even worse. Two manufacturers that should not be making pickups. Their body lines are similar, I thought the short bed was perspective

  18. I don't consider them to be trucks personally. Are they classified as trucks?

  19. The dude saluting the truck in the reflection almost made me piss myself

  20. No fucking way. I just saw that. Wtf is that? I missed the memo on saluting trucks.

  21. Given the budgetary increases the Navy and DOD continue to receive and our continuing issues with retention, has the navy looked into bonuses for currently serving sailors in all rates in addition to or as opposed to the current bonus for all new recruits?

  22. He already gave his shitty response to the first question. Something along the lines of you can't go anywhere because you're under contract but the new kids need incentive to come in. If I remember correctly.

  23. Ask about PSD being civilianized. Sailors paying GTCC out of pocket and taking loans to cover PSD fucks ups in not paying them on time/correctly. When are we going to move Sailors back to the PSDs so they can be run properly again?

  24. You can and probably should go to the closest legal assistance office. They have resources for divorce and can point you in the right direction. If you just want this over, see legal and file. Move on. Don't contact her command and try to make it ugly. Just file and go be happy.

  25. It can be very tough but not impossible. My name is Jody and I specialize in helping Navy wives and girlfriends adapt. Feel free to DM me.

  26. You wrong for that 🤣🤣

  27. Our chain of command is absolutely fucked. They really can’t answer any questions we have. We’re on the stay-behind right now and everything is going through the boat. None of it makes sense, I have physical orders from millington with my separation date.

  28. You two need to be talking to Defense Council. Go over to your closest Defense Service Office and get this unfucked.

  29. Good advice, but I can't wait to see if there's a Catch-22 here.

  30. My mind went down that same road. Ideally though DSO can communicate with command legal and help figure it out.

  31. He never made it to an operational command, which is sometimes synonyms with active command. I don't think he meets the definition you linked.

  32. He meets the definition unfortunately. Active duty starts the first day. You don't have be at your first command for that to start. Because it was under 90 days he doesn't qualify for any presumptive service connection under 38 CFR 3.309, nor would he qualify for the GI Bill. But he is by definiton a Vet. (38 CFR 3.1)

  33. I was at a command where pretty much anytime you showed anybody and instruction they'd respond with, "That's not how we do it here." Like they were their own special little entitiy and the rules and regulations applied to the rest of the Navy and not them. Made me sick. Hands down the worst command I've ever been at.

  34. Also, pretty sure the interviewer was Michelle Tafoya, who's been around for awhile and knows her stuff, knows the kind of questions to ask. She's more than qualified to be down there

  35. I was trying to figure out who it was. Thank you

  36. I had to look her up to make sure I had her name right, apparently this was her last game too.

  37. She's a bit more than a trophy. But considering who posted this I'm not surprised that's her take on it.

  38. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and rolls. I only make it once or twice a year when that certain mood hits.

  39. she dragged her nail along her skin after a shower and it welted up.. i think it's called skin writing and you can only do it in specific situations but idk

  40. It looked that way to me too. It's called Dermatographism. My daughter has it, and for her it happens any time she scratches. It can look pretty scary if she's been scratching a lot or on a big area.

  41. She's hot man. Hook it up.

  42. Never enjoyed shining boots, so I always went the blackened route.

  43. I never understood only shining the toe. It looks so bad. Just blacken and keep them clean. Or shine the whole boot if shining boots is your thing.

  44. Especially like in the photo where most of the boot looks gray. They should at least blacken the rest of the boot.

  45. Yeah that boot does look pretty grey doesn't it 😅

  46. My husband told me his mom threw out all his beloved ninja turtle toys after getting riled up at church one day in the early 90s :( He told the story with so much sadness in his voice that I tracked down and bought him a vintage Donatello action figure still in the package to open for Christmas last year.

  47. I remember my grandma telling a story about a little boy in her church watching Ninja Turtles. He did some kind of "move" on his sister and I can't remember if she died or was maimed or whatever. Anyway she talked like the turtles were evil and it was all their fault.

  48. I fought back on my home address being sent via personal email to the whole unit. They refused to stop so I changed my official recall to a PO Box and only NOSC admin had my actual address. Years later my trainer at my civilian job told me she knows my old Chief and he made a remark along the lines of me being "very by the book" or something to that affect. I guess not wanting random people I don't know having my home address makes me a problem Sailor or something?

  49. Well yes. Because we are supposed to think, "Damn I want him."

  50. I do quite well on tinder myself but as a man I don’t really understand why I should care or sympathise with these largely non-existent problems that women claim to have?

  51. So it's our fault men send unsolicited naked pictures and fifty messages?

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