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  1. I've started being comfortable paying a reasonable amount for resale if I can't get my W. It's how it goes. I don't have the desire nor care to learn how to bot or the time to build connections to get in on back door things.

  2. JRod has exceeded expectations as a rookie. Michael Harris is another OF stud

  3. Put it on MLB.TV and get actual good/exciting teams. I don't see why people are surprised

  4. SP: Montas, Castillo, Skubal, Mahle, Blackburn/Turnbull/Greene/Lodolo

  5. Pretty sure I'd take Murphy over Stephenson or Barnhart

  6. Maybe I take Langiers anyways fuggit

  7. Looking for a Gen 3 Rom that has expanded Pokedex that can be run through the Universal Randomizer.

  8. That does not exist. The universal Pokemon randomizer only works on vanilla games. So much code is added to expand the dex.

  9. You gave me what I’m looking for. Awesome! Thank you!

  10. I don't think he wants to stay and get paid so high just to have the Angels flounder.

  11. Steel secondary, Flash Cannon gains STAB to more viability against Fairy types.

  12. Cain’s journey should be interesting.

  13. I use Electron Firm Envys for C1/2. They're awesome. I'm not a good putter, but I love them.

  14. In my opinion, I'm tired of Pikaclones. That being said, I really didn't like Togedemaru at first but have grown to like it because of the anime and how it's pretty solid to use in Showdown Randoms.

  15. I feel like he needs the Bradley Williams treatment for a bit with official PDGA backing. Bradley's turned it around immensely, is very pleasant to be around, and has been playing great

  16. I've played a helluva lot of Pokemon since Red on my yellow GBC. Every game. Probably millions of hours into Pokemon all around.

  17. Arrakis called, they want their idea back

  18. Punkrok, Treeductora, Quaxnaenae /s

  19. Nah, wait until they have 2 kartanas to break your team

  20. Or essentially a seven 'mon team, so you can get beast boost 6x to really nae nae the final 7th, (revived?) 'mon

  21. Too late for half of the Padres sub, which have already committed Japanese ritual suicide.

  22. I heard a rumor some committed Denki Anma with each other.

  23. Assuming it's real, I would guess Dark/Fairy and it would know the moves Sing, Draining Kiss, Dark Pulse, Dream Eater

  24. Forretress Evo sounds really cool... Eviolite Forretress even cooler

  25. Dude is gonna roll into Pistons training camp in a Subaru Outback

  26. Dude is gonna roll into Pistons training camp as a Subaru Outback

  27. DurAnt's main competitive ability is Hustle - reducing the accuracy of all moves by 20% but increasing its Attack stat by 50%. One could claim that Durant's total percentage of career games missed is closely aligned with 20%, thereby Durant's Attack ability on Social Media (Twitter) - a very competitive scene - has increased by 50%. There is still the propensity to miss...

  28. IF we get an Eeveelution... remaining types are Poison, Ground, Rock, Steel, Ghost, Fighting, Bug, Dragon, Flying.

  29. Eeveelutions have always been in pairings (or the trio) where one is stronger against the other (or electric>water>fire for the trio). My guess is something Fairy is either weak or strong against— so maybe poison, steel, dragon or fighting?

  30. I could see a Steel Eevee. Especially if time is an influence, Steel being 'modern' could make sense. The contrary could be Poison being either 'old' or 'modern', depending on its design.

  31. that's the regional name

  32. 100% agree, happy some people see the bright side without constantly complaining 🙂 ALD can be very consumer friendly every now and then...

  33. I love my Greens, and they’re great at work for me. So knowing in a Few months I’ll randomly get another pair with the Purple hit? Fuggit take my rn now or then

  34. Got the email for brown too haha. Did anyone get the email for the other colors?

  35. I got my email for the purple specifically, and my raffle entry was the purple. It’s the only one I entered for

  36. Ground/Fighting physical Minotaur

  37. For being bipedal I'd be really happy with this design if it were real.

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