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  1. For me AK's scarecrow just looks scary, well. For me at least.

  2. Arkham knight's SC is just terrifying for me.

  3. Nah that would be too dumb. Hes already dead.

  4. If i were to suggest something. Get the remote electrical charge in the evidence room in gcpd. If you havent already that is.

  5. Honestly. I only main klee because:

  6. Elysia. How in the hell did you get here.

  7. Its finished but there is still side stories

  8. They won't cause she is not FMC... I liked all characters from circles really good manhwa..

  9. But hes not bad of a guy. Always looks out for our big dick davey

  10. Fuck I think I got him mixed up with one of the other bullies mentioned hahaha The translations in Toonily have been slow lately and he's only just recently showed up again so it's been a while

  11. Art style is pretty cute. Well done!πŸ‘πŸ‘

  12. im still mad that i did only 1 GOOD and the others are perfect. 99.89% i hate staring at that. (Basically im trying to 100 it.)

  13. Well you did a damn good job doing it.

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