1. The fact that these men are always so hung up on having “the power” in the relationship is scary. A relationship isnt a power struggle. Its a partnership where two people are trying to navigate together and there has to be give and compromising from both side. It isnt one person making all the choices because they have “the power”

  2. “ sex is food for us” . I pity their wives if they have any

  3. Yeah true, it seems society thinks racism towards whites is okay. Today on TV a black person called a white person a cracker, just casually using a slur. I know if roles where reversed the show would have been canceled.

  4. When has cracker been used historically to demean white people?

  5. You don’t want a stressful unpaid job where you deal with hormonal teenagers?

  6. There aren't near the amount of alt right as the media portray. Most of them are regular men that refuse to fall in line with what alot of the liberal media and politicians want to push them to believe. For so long when one tried to speak their opinion they were shouted down and called rasist or misogynistic or transphobic or whatever. They are tiredand they are pushing back because some of these laws that are being pushed are absolutely nuts and absolutely dangerous.

  7. If someone’s opinion is always called racist and transphobic then maybe it is

  8. Or maybe they can't successfully debate the topic so they have to result to calling people names.

  9. Lol if your debate skills sucked , your opponent will either stop or at most laugh at you. I have debated a bunch with my white friends and colleagues and I have never called racist. Want to guess why? *Hint they aren’t racist. I know I know, mind blowing stuff

  10. Show me 2 cases where people said the same about white people in this sub

  11. They definitely would if the roles were reversed lmao. And any other race for that matter. Don't act dumb

  12. You can’t just say something is the case without evidence to back it up. Show a post that backs you up

  13. Bigots get hard when a minority does something bad.

  14. Constant mocking and belittling of lgbtq+ folk and alt-right echo chamber. Maybe the sub started out as what the comment above mentioned, but that wasn’t the case for a long long time

  15. Lol folks that downvoted you should explain why

  16. i don't know what you are trying to say

  17. You love love Asian countries their standard is paler = better , Asian Asia not caring about poc.

  18. I am not arguing with someone who thinks his skin colour makes someone better/worse. au revoir

  19. Why can’t a non Muslim protect the same rights?

  20. Even if he is black, I hate the idea that one minority can speak for the rest of us. “ he is a black person who agrees with us, so other black must also agree with us”

  21. Wow I can honestly see the alt right getting triggered over a slight complexion change

  22. Or maybe he had an abusive family that made his life at home hell. He learned to treated others poorly because fuck it life’s a cold bitch. Maybe after high school things got so bad he had to leave with no support, no real place to turn or no direction because he’s only 18 with no prospects. See I can make up totally imaginary stories to prove a point too.

  23. Having a bad time doesn’t give you the right to be a dick . He probably need grew out of it , probably doesn’t just had the means/power to do it. If the roles were reversed the bully would probably be shitty to him

  24. People in HS are children. Lots of bullies grow out of it and only do it due to shitty circumstances. And there's a difference between not giving a fuck and filming a guy trashing him, laughing at how bad he's doing.

  25. Being a dick isn’t a phase. Victims of their abuse don’t always “grow out “ of it. Asshole then, probably an asshole now

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