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  1. These all sound like great names to insult someone with. Imagine calling someone a renwick cockatrice.

  2. God I could not miss anything less than Grindr

  3. True Detective. Matthew Mcconnoughy in season one did some of the best acting I’ve ever seen.

  4. I met him ten years ago and he smelled like ass and armpits

  5. Kate McKinnon makes me cringe so fucking hard. The Hillary Clinton “Hallelujah” on snl after Trump won was embarrassing.

  6. The constitution is a fucking dumpster fire fueled by diarrhea and nobody ever talks about it. Burn the whole institution down immediately.

  7. Seen them 7 times and still haven’t seen toys live yet, let alone laquorhead that keeps showing up. Was unemployed the last time they came through Chicago and missed it.

  8. Once tried to order $6 worth of food less than two miles from my place and there was a $25 delivery fee not including tip. That was pre-covid 2020. Horrified to see it now.

  9. Would like to know as well. Got decreased libido and some other unmentionable symptoms from flomax.

  10. The 97 box set is so good. I think I listen to it more than their actual albums.

  11. Gave sushi about 15 chances and I’m convinced that everyone who enjoys it is lying. Straight up gagged or spat out every bite.

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