1. The struggle is real!! That's me with the hair on my neck area

  2. Yes, things get repeated sometimes.

  3. oh, so if I'm using the desktop website, it's not going to show?

  4. You don't see it on desktop? I do see edits on both the old design and redesign on my

  5. That's just the default modteam account the admins implemented - any sub that wants to post an anonymous removal reason can now do so with that modteam account, Reddit automatically makes it once you select the option to post.

  6. You mention that you've posted the link a bunch, and each time it's been removed? Have you tried hitting the "approve" button on the post? Or were you including that in the repeated attempts mentioned?

  7. Mods can set it so that specific posts, or every post on a sub, have a "suggested sort". I don't mind so much when it's specific posts, but get equally frustrated when it's every post on the sub.

  8. RES automatically inserts it on certain subs like this one, and

  9. Yes it is the same looking but without the top bar. With RES off it's still the same..

  10. We are in an awkward Checkers void. Woodbridge, DC, or Fort Washington are the closest to me.

  11. Hard agree, any time there seems to be an opening for a restaurant I cross my fingers for a Checkers.

  12. Oh, lol, it was one of my favorite parts of one of the angular momentum dude dramas!

  13. The top mod of the sub can send a message to the mods of this sub with a re-order request with the sub name and the requested order.

  14. If there are reported items in queue then the sub will either be restricted or banned if those items sit in queue long enough.

  15. https://www.reddit.com/r/reddit/comments/yqrdjs/announcing_community_muting_on_mobile/

  16. The only way I've been able to remove "removed" saved posts/comments, has been to try on my mobile app which sometimes still has the save button, or to use an third party site. I think RedditManager is the still functioning site to link your reddit account to, to sort your saved items. And then see if you can find it in there.

  17. If you are filtering flair by sub, as in wanting to hide posts with certain flairs using RES - all you need is the sub name, you don't need the r/, you definitely don't need the full url.

  18. When you hover over a username, you should get a RES user info pop-up. Click the "ignore" button in it.

  19. https://i.imgur.com/j5fKODI.png

  20. Oh shoot! There should be, like, a speakerphone "ignore" button there too. But I don't have access to my computer right now to double check.

  21. You can't set post sort for other people. If they want to sort your sub by new posts they have to do that themselves.

  22. Sorry had to get back to my office computer to get a screenshot of what it used to look like.

  23. The top is the old design. You probably clicked "get new reddit" in the top left. So now you are on the redesign.

  24. Yeah I did that, but I guess Reddit wasn't refreshing until I closed out my browser and reopened it.

  25. Oh, gotcha! As a fellow old design user, glad you got back to the old design like you wanted!

  26. Well you aren't shadowbanned. You can tell from simply visiting your profile when logged out, since it loads fine and doesn't say "no one goes by that name" you aren't shadowbanned. You can also check by posting on

  27. That makes no sense to me. How do you visit your profile when logged out? Someone is c**kblocking me. And since I don't know enough about it. I can't really explain it.

  28. Reddit is a website - you don't need an account to browse here. Everything not posted in a private sub is public to anyone that accesses the site. So, you can visit people's profiles even when logged out/without an account. At worst, Reddit may block people without accounts if the profile they are looking at is NSFW.

  29. Yeah but the list doesn't work because the post is removed.

  30. The notification doesn't work when a post is removed, not sure why but imo it's a bug. But you should still be able to get to Automod's comment from your own post history, visiting the post, or your inbox, there's a section for post replies. And then can click the link to message the mods.

  31. Reddit doesn't think you are a bot, the mods of that sub programmed Automod and they think you are a bot.

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