1. Any fellow Londoners, where do Arsenal players tend to live in Barnet?

  2. Could be plenty of places: Totteridge, Finchley, Mill Hill, Arkley etc.

  3. This is absolute trash lol. It doesn't even qualify as music

  4. Reminder for all the people who think Crawley is some posh twat: his dad started out as a carpet fitter

  5. Mate, that's not how class works. He went from carpet fitter to City trader and is one of Britain's richest men. Alan Sugar isn't a member of the proletariat because he started by selling his wares at markets, he's a member of the elite. Crawley's arguably the poshest and wealthiest player we've ever had

  6. Class isn't just a function of wealth. There is also social capital, i.e. "who you know" type things that often take generations to create.

  7. Of course, but don't overstate the case. You think his dad is still hanging out with the lads down the market? Social capital is still mainly configured by wealth, especially that level of wealth

  8. Pleased for him and we desperately need a reliable number three but he was still going fishing outside off stump a fair bit. Needs to unlearn that, fast

  9. Not the most convincing innings this from Foakes.

  10. His keeping is beyond question, even in this game he was taking the wobbly balls easily

  11. What was wrong with Sibley? Why is he suddenly out of the equation?

  12. Parkinson's been alright really. Lord is horrible for spin

  13. Mbappe will after his career become the skip bayless of football , he knows how to rile people up

  14. We should sign Jesus to play lw and compete with Martinelli. Smith Rowe should compete with odegaard. There certain games where smith Rowes profile will be more beneficial than odegaard’s due to his running power and speed

  15. A window with Osimhen, Jesus, Tielmans, defensive midfielder, Hickey while extending Saka, Saliba, Eddie, sounds good to me. Anyone has spare 200 million?

  16. Divided fan base? Bro clearly hasn’t seen

  17. That's not the fanbase, it's just americans talking to each other

  18. No one who's been to a Leeds game would be happy they stayed up. Nasty cunts

  19. Crazy that even if one match (say utd, Everton or the City game) went our way we'd be on the other side of the line

  20. Not acknowledging Guendouzi on the list feels like I've just seen my ex in a bar, and I'm pretending I haven't..

  21. Just a bunch of onions. I can't comprehend who would support a team like Spurs 😂

  22. I got a basketball team that bottles games as well so my disappointment is immense

  23. Why would an arsenal fan like basketball... very curious...

  24. Cold but his obsession with Sus is weird, he basically made a career for himself dissing suspect on every track

  25. I’m so nervous at one point I was contemplating just going to bed and checking the result in the morning

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