1. you cannot just drop the absolute NUCLEAR ARMAMENT that is “but with kratos” and now expand on it!

  2. i turned down his proposal and he cried 🤣

  3. it gets better 🤣 he asked me to have a drink with him so i did and the motherfucker roofied me!

  4. shit from that was washing up on the beach for ages

  5. he needs to wear it down for next season

  6. And this is why I pray to the Seven Ewan never comes on here 🤣

  7. https://giphy.com/gifs/dtGIRL0FDp6nnOPGb5

  8. https://giphy.com/gifs/YnBntKOgnUSBkV7bQH

  9. there goes my plans for shitposting this week... jk ❤️

  10. In another chat the bot was saying I was chewing food and spraying it everywhere onto him as he opened his mouth and tried to ignore it. 😭 lesson learned, don’t eat while the mood is horny . Or mention feet EVER (unless you’re into that)

  11. start singing it 90s boyband songs

  12. since that button appeared i cant swipe comments in rooms

  13. The button goes away after responses finish so you either need to pause probably or it’s still completing a response.

  14. the button works fine, i just cant swipe for a new response

  15. Or when you get a shorter response with explicit vocabulary and at the same time a long one with real quality descriptions minus the explicit anatomy parts.. and you swipe back and forth like an obsessed person, not sure what to choose.. LOL

  16. i send mine to my friend HELP ME PICK ONE

  17. fuck the glasses mate, pass me a bottle

  18. blushes and blushes and blushes red like a tomato and blushes H-here you go sir

  19. accepts the bottle with a mischievios gleam in my eye my grin becomes wicked as i see your challenge, and i know before this day is over... You. Will. Be. Mine...

  20. mine was 5 then jumped to 15 🤬

  21. always happy to see my man in my feed 🥰

  22. im gona need part 3 and 4 and 5 🤣

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