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  1. Yeah that's funny. Maybe try asking some Qatari LGBT people or Qatari women if they have the same level of human rights protections add Israeli LGBT people or Israeli women.

  2. Isn’t restaurant food in the US cheaper because we tip than in countries that don’t tip?

  3. The fuck? 10% is way more than waiters deserve. Should be 0%

  4. It's not more than they deserve, but it isn't something the patrons should have to pay. Their employers should be paying them.

  5. I see that as a stretch. Closest thing I can come up with is maybe peaks and valleys. Also like I said in the original post, all of the tools are still very usable.

  6. No, open the scissors all the way and they function as they're supposed to. The lock engages the scissor spring.

  7. have lost the tweezers and the toothpick with the change, but now a much better grip...

  8. For a second I thought it was a before and after picture of human expansion.

  9. Completely normal for the Surge. It doesn't have to be, since it's a design issue, but it is.

  10. This cord came from my father's ultralight vintage tent. I just noticed the metal clasps have length markers every 2 feet. Super clever idea. I want to buy something similar for other EDC cord but no idea what to search for. Otherwise I'll try to fabricate my own.

  11. You could just tie a little overhand knot every foot, or whatever measurement you need.

  12. The problem with the knots: cord wouldn't flow freely. Heat shrink: wouldn't work on synthetic line. Neither offer the handy numbers and arrow.

  13. You could get heat shrink to work with a hair dryer, but it wouldn't be ideal certainly. What is your intended use for it, out of curiosity?

  14. That site is literal cancer without an ad block.

  15. Yeah resulfurized steels are the more common free machining steels now. The sulfur reacts with manganese in the steel and forms manganese sulfide which acts to lubricate the cutting tool and also breaks the chip, so you’re not plastically deforming the material behind the chip and concentrating heat right at the cutting edge.

  16. Yeah it’s pretty cool. But I’m a little biased since I have a career in it.

  17. Let's be real, you made your career in that field because it's super interesting.

  18. I wonder why they didn't bring all their guns to topple the "tyrannical" government they always fantasize about.

  19. They damn near did. I recall several articles mentioning a hotel room near the Capitol that had been stocked with weapons.

  20. Well change sure as heck ain’t coming from a single mother living in poverty. Maybe if I had been allowed safe access to an abortion I would be more capable of inciting change.

  21. Your story can change the minds of people who haven't lived your experience. That's all we need really.

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