what’s a good fucked up movie?

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. I’ve done it for a different reason (facial blushing) but no regrets. Had it done in 2008, I did have compensatory sweeting on my back but it subsided after a year. Had other benefits which were not the purpose of the surgery like no more face, armpits and hand sweats, those didn’t bother but it was great not to have them anymore. T2 was clipped. Yes the deflated lung is scary, make sure you get a great/best doctor.

  2. I got different vibes. He reminds of the talky chatty people who will talk you up and speak volumes about how great you are and how great you could be together but the moment you try to get something actually going he'll flake in the most word-vomitty way possible, just because he likes the attention or to keep you on the back burner. "Oh I would have loved to spend time with you but I'm a man of my word and I can't cancel even though I'd really like to but I'm a terrible at lying and bla bla bla" ... Like a simple "no tomorrow won't work for me, how about Sunday?" Would have been way better. People who talk like this just frustrate me, like they are overcompensating for not being honest.

  3. I once drank a full bottle of tea just to realize there was a dead baby lizard half born out of its egg at the bottom.

  4. Damn I just sold my house, wish I had thought of this hack!

  5. This is standard in Texas. Title company will buy the policy after asking the Buyer which home warranty company (residential service contract) they want to go with. You pay the first $600 of that policy per your contract. It'll come out of your proceeds at the closing table. Title is placing the order for the warranty, so you don't need to ask for proof from the Buyer. Title is doing it.

  6. Good to know title will handle it. I have a feeling the buyer wanted to do an amend to the sales contract to get the $600 from me without actually buying the warranty.

  7. it's weird to write an amendment if it's already in the executed contract that you're covering the first $600 of a home warranty. Was it accidentally omitted in the contract, and they are asking for it later?

  8. No, it was not omitted. It’s very explicit in the sales contract we signed. No idea why the amendment

  9. Memento. You just have to watch it. An amazing flick. In my top 3 all time.

  10. So good. I remember the dvd of this movie, there was an option to watch the movie in the order of events. But the original backwards is what’s mind-blown about this movie.

  11. How long did it take libido to improve since you started the medication?

  12. When you ask her questions like “do you like mom’s house?” you are framing her thinking. We often put our feelings on our kids. We put ideas in their heads and then reinforce it with the questions we ask and things we say to our children and to other adults in front of our children. Don’t tell her what to think if that makes sense…

  13. Thank you for your comment. You’re right. I do see a therapist often. It’s just happened recently and it’s a bit hard thing to take. I’ll validate her feelings more often about it.

  14. If you're having a nice dinner before a night of romance, skip the asparagus.

  15. I think it’s to show off the venue, food, or lifestyle mainly.

  16. But she was eating her cheeseburger with fork and knife, no bun

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