1. I had to stop nal because I was getting awful hangovers the next day any time I drank. Is that happening to you?

  2. No symptoms any more. First couple days no side effects. Then, for 3 weeks I felt exhaustion and a general blah feeling 3-4 hours after taking it. Never had anything lasting until the next day.

  3. Firstly congrats on 2 months with just one non-compliant day. Keep your primary focus on compliance.

  4. I’m a daily drinker so I’ll only speak to the side effects. I had exhaustion from about day 4-16ish. I still take it daily with no side effects. On day 30 now.

  5. I took vivitrol before and it really didn't work. I am willing to try anything at this point tho. If I only take naltrexone on days I drink, then currently I would be taking naltrexone on days that end in Y. That's a joke. But if vivitrol didn't work, why would TSM? Unless it just needs more time.

  6. As a daily drinker, I’ve been taking Naltrexone for just over 2 weeks. I take the pill daily and have noticed a 25-30% decrease in my drinking without any effort. Next step is to pay more attention to my habits and start to break them one at a time. I can still drink whenever I want to, but I’m feeling that want factor fade ever so slowly.

  7. I’m on day 16 and noticing good results despite my current side effects of exhaustion and some insomnia. Thanks for sharing! Time for me to start putting in the work and research to continue improving beyond what the just taking the Nal provides.

  8. I've been doing TSM for 4 months now. Former binge-drinker, so I've only been drinking 1 or 2 times a week with Nal. At the start, I could have up to 6 drinks, but never more. Now I have a hard time getting past my 2nd or 3rd.

  9. I’m a daily drinker taking Nal for 13ish days now. Had no side effects the first 4 days or so, then I started getting exhausted and needing to lay down or nap for about a week. Almost felt like I was wasted and about to get the spins. The exhaustion seems to be tapering off now and I was able to go have a normal day yesterday and definitely see my craving levels and consumption levels slowly dropping. Other have reported your symptoms and say it fades after 2-3 weeks. Good luck!

  10. Many do relapse, so it would be good to have a Plan B in place. This is something that works for most people and it can help drain away the craving for a drink over the longer term:

  11. Thanks for the book link! I’m on day 12 of Nal and haven’t read it yet. Also sent it to some family and friends to help them understand what I’m doing. Great resource, thanks again!

  12. There’s a rad bar in Flint, Michigan called The Soggy Bottom, for what it’s worth.

  13. Ahh, that takes me back to being 19 wandering Flint with a fake ID.

  14. Who prescribed this? PCP? Also, ha anyone been able to get it without insurance?

  15. If you go to this pages about section and click on find a provider, I for a Telehealth doc through there that had me prescribed in an hour on a Sunday. No insurance. $150 for the phone call and the nal was about $23usd at my local pharmacy.

  16. I would use it to provide loans to young folks that are interested in starting a business. We’d also teach them how to be entrepreneurs with workshops on everything from writing a business plan to marketing strategies. An alternative to taking student loans isn’t widely available to those interested in pursuing dreams of self employment.

  17. You should consider Waldorf schools too if you can pay for private. They're very gentle and, in my experience, would accommodate a formerly unschooled child.

  18. Thanks. We traveled in an RV fulltime. That came with zero schedule or routine. We both think they could use with some routine and structure during this transition period.

  19. They can be rented, right? But what about licensing? Can they be driven with a regular driver's license?

  20. That’s correct. It’s quite expensive to rent long term but I’d recommend renting one for 1-2 weeks as a trial run. In the US Canada and Mexico, just a standard driver’s license is required. Renting one will include insurance as well. Outdoorsy and RVshare are two sites I’d recommend

  21. Go to the tuition office and ask for help filing for FAFSA. Then get a job or two. That’s how the rest of us poor people do it.

  22. No it was a selfish excuse for my grandmother to have even more control over me. I had no friends, no social life, never had prom, field trips…Shit was lonely and sucked. Not to mention she never helped so basically taught myself.

  23. I hold an object with personal significance and visualize the anxiety seeping into it.

  24. I just tucked my kids into bed for the first time in 2 months. I’d simply relive that same moment in the same way.

  25. I love all the different perspectives! Landed. Sober and free. Have a great day y’all!

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