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  1. Huh, weird. If they don’t want the game torrented, wouldn’t it be better for them to remove the torrent rather than just monitor it?

  2. Can hardly remove a torrent from existence once it has an established swarm.

  3. Not possible, majority are held in a SIPP.

  4. Better have my money when I come to collect.

  5. Add an option to automatically bank items when entering a daemonheim dungeon. No more banking potions or stocking up on single doses.

  6. I make a nice cup of fresh coffee every morning, I look forwards to it when I go to sleep.

  7. Both professions attract people who always write "yourselves" instead of "you" even when it's not grammatically appropriate.

  8. Milky wimpshake - true love will find you in the end

  9. I've never heard of this one, but True Love Will Find You in the End cover by Spiritualized drives me to tears

  10. It's the annual American turkey-meat festival.

  11. Cynical answer: It's so when the regulators start to take interest, Jagex can say "Look! It's not gambling. It's not loot crates. It's just a minigame"

  12. Richard Dawkins has written many detailed, accessible books about this topic, but if I had to pick one, it would be The Ancestor's Tale.

  13. Hey! I’m 31/M, have a laser hair removal for my face in a couple days. I get short given dark hairs all over my temples cheeks and nose. I have this laser appointment in a couple days but just had a sudden feeling that maybe it’s. Bad idea? Can someone talk me down or is it a bad idea to get laser hair removal on your face?

  14. It hurts like hell but it's effective. I've had 5 sessions but I'll need a lot more because I'm going for 100% removal.

  15. I do them every 7 days. My levels were way too high with 6 days. My doctor wants me to do 7 days

  16. I think it's 59% of the free float but 30% of the total shares issued?

  17. Thanks. Do we need to just DRS the free float or all shares somehow?

  18. If we DRS 100% of the free float but there are still shares being traded on brokers, then it's clear the shares being traded are fraudulent.

  19. The site is not even ones criticizing the used studies? Wtf sry but the site itself lists that puberty takes longer then 1 and also longer then 2 years but apparently then it's ok to spread these shitty studies and say we won't get more growth

  20. The levels are taken at their lowest point, just before my injection. It's veinous blood.

  21. I meant with what you are doing for HRT, but you already clarifiers it's injections

  22. The E2 looks high to me too, even for monotherapy.

  23. Guys can I recover my chrome wallet on iOS and use it on both devices?

  24. Yes. Your recovery key (private key) is your wallet. You can use it in multiple places.

  25. I thought it was make, but in videos in shower show us it not. Genes is a pretty answer but idk, products to butt acne, maybe, but none of these is the secret. Common, all bangbross girls hava perfect ass skin, it is a trick, we need to know and stop tell our selves excuses to not look deep.

  26. SMS-based 2FA rolling out to US investor centre in the next 2 weeks. Other regions "in the next weeks and months"

  27. Can someone help me out? Is it essential to swap from booking to plan holding on CS?

  28. It's the other way around. You want all your whole shares under book.

  29. Why the fuck is Marketwatch not showing Pre-Market, but Market Open? Is it just me?

  30. Yahoo also saying "This chart is not available"

  31. Question about the Gender Identity Clinic referral process in the NHS.

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