1. And I definitely do not want to order from Alibaba.....just retailers/wedmaps

  2. Get glue syringes and tips from a hobby store in the beading section. They come with narrow metal tips and an opening big enough to squeeze out product. Then use a silicone container and squirt some from the big syringe out and then use the smaller one to suck it up and fill

  3. i am having the same issue with my stiizy. it is connected to the battery but won’t draw. did you ever find a solution?

  4. Yes! There's a little hole on the side of the pod under the black mouthpiece. Cover it. It may/may not pull super hard but it fixes the issue. Spits a lot too, but at least ur pod isnt for waste. I think when the problem occurs, the seal under the mouthpiece is broken. Worked for me on multiple pods w same issue.

  5. Yea that's always an option, but I was wondering how to fix it cuz it's most likely a connection issue. Have u ever seen where the battery recognized the pod but it won't let you draw?

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