1. I'd like to propose two new rules for not just this sub, but Reddit and social media in general:

  2. Why does everything these days need a “rule”? If you don’t like a comment, move on.

  3. So this is what happens when you counter offer. You had a signed offer, but when you do an inspection and then ask for stuff, or wait too long and then you are out of the contingency period and it isnt resolved, they can accept another offer.

  4. Not necessarily true. You can ask for repairs. At that point the existing contract is still valid. Buyer has simply asked for something but has not voided the existing terms.

  5. Mandarin is the most straightforward. It's literally nine-ten-two. 12 is just ten-two and 912, for example, would be nine-hundred-one-ten-two.

  6. In a way that is what English does. The word ninety derives from nine tens.

  7. They aren’t going to have a full time person manning the morgue. It is simply there to store a body until it can be transported. No autopsies or preservation is going to happen

  8. Why didn't they just shoot the door handle. Wouldn't that work better than this.

  9. Don't trust any online sources. They just blindly scrape data and run it through an algorithm. Do your own research. Find comparable properties and see what their advertised rent it. Perhaps discount a bit off of that if there are lots of open properties.

  10. No, but I have seen a big growth in imagination.

  11. I don't agree with any of the choices. It isn't "meant" for a particular group.

  12. I’m from the southern US and we definitely say cash. When I was growing up, I remember it being cash-ay, though.

  13. Caché is a different word from cache.

  14. Why? Because that it how it is pronounced

  15. Ouch. Now 2021 buyers are asking for 2008 big bank bailouts.

  16. How do people like you care that much???? You’re still getting to your destination, right? Unbelievable

  17. Who says I care that much? I just was pointing out that we all see it and we all judge. I keep my judgements to myself.

  18. Breads and pastas add ZERO important micronutrients.

  19. They are scum of the earth? Do you really think that is what they want to be doing? They are doing it because the government mandates it.

  20. Trash? And how much did you spend on it?

  21. Home Depot would’ve lost nothing and that guy minded a whole lot of business that was not his.

  22. Home Depot is a massive corporation, this man taking tools was doing them zero harm. The man who went out and acted as Home Depot’s unpaid watch dog is not a hero, he’s just a bootlicker.

  23. Society needs to collectively stop crime, or we will become awash in it.

  24. My doctor thinks my SIBO is a long Covid symptom. No proof, but the timing lines up perfectly. I had a bad case very early in the pandemic.

  25. Less snarky answer: there used to be days of the week that were cheaper when booking. With dynamic pricing that has gone away.

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