1. That makes sense. I've been a student/resident since 2012 so I guess I can be qualified. However I have not established family and most of my estates (not like there is any). How does one qualify for that?

  2. On second look, do you actually intend to return to living full-time in the UK now? I've been assuming so, but the post isn't clear on that point.

  3. Thanks a lot for the response this has been very helpful. I assume I should look for a UK based immigration lawyer?

  4. You're welcome. Yes, one based in the UK would probably be best.

  5. It's stated there. Country: Suriname(South America) Google it, I know a lot of people haven't heard of it.

  6. You're welcome. You should make a new post of it at

  7. I'm applying for a SWV because I'm not eligible for a the EUSS, I only came to the UK in 2021. My main question remains the address I should enter.

  8. Yup, and other people can answer that. My interest is in making sure people don't miss out on EUSS if eligible.

  9. Understood - that's a bit crazy though, cause this basically means that she'll never qualify for the unmarried partner VISA. Either she gets a sponsor or we promise to get married. I hate that I got this opportunity now, 3 months later and I wouldn't be having this problem.

  10. Thank you, the more I'm reading, the more I'm realising this seems to be the case.

  11. Just to touch on all possibilities, if nothing else fits:

  12. I'm sorry you had to go through all the problems of the process.

  13. Follow up question if you don't mind, any rough idea how long EUSS Travel permit application may take?

  14. Months. Roughly anywhere from 3-9 months or more, based on reports. If you were going to apply for it, it would have been better to apply two months ago when you learned about the backlog.

  15. Incidentally, if your nationality is listed in the right-hand column:

  16. This seems like a fairly niche sub-topic, and even reddit doesn't seem to have a sub specifically for Brazilian accountants from a quick glance (looking for 'contadores' or 'contabilistas').

  17. In that case, you may be able to convince the CBP officer to admit you into the US under B-2 classification, with the understanding that you will not engage in any study or student activities, and that you will exit the US (like to Mexico or Canada) as soon as you receive your Form I-20, and then come back into the US to request admission in F-1 classification.

  18. Can I exit to Mexico or Canada on my current visa?

  19. Like how? Broke his passwords? Or took his phone away from him while at the airport?

  20. Here are two ACLU lawsuits alleging coercion by CBP officers of travellers to the US into unlocking phones:

  21. Check the timeline, for the Netherlands and cities in the Netherlands:

  22. Thank you for your thoughtful answer. I might add that I’m currently enrolled in the Chinese university as an exchange student. And my cousin does live in Thailand but only since January 2022. I don’t know if that changes anything. But other than that I might just go for the <90 day visa and look for other options on the way :)

  23. As far as I'm aware, the right to rent legislation makes it an offence for a landlord, landlord's agent, etc, in general, to allow the occupation of a premises by a disqualified person.

  24. Congratulations! Thanks for the update, that will be helpful to people.

  25. We had evidence of our relationship since 2017 (flights together, bank statements showing we sent each other money) and proof of living together since March 2019 (council tax and tenancy agreements). Also pictures together, and a letter I wrote which basically described the key dates in our relationship

  26. Interesting. Did they give you any feedback or difficulty about having less than two full years of cohabitation by the end of 2020?

  27. Your use of “unfortunately” is throwing me off. To clarify, a domestic partnership in California as an opposite sex couple IS recognized in the UK as equivalent to civil partnership. Correct? We are fine?

  28. "United States of America: California -- domestic partnership" is listed in both Part 1 - Same-sex relationships and Part 2 - Opposite-sex relationships, so it is, in general, an automatically acceptable equivalent for a UK civil partnership for either type of relationship.

  29. This is recognised as equivalent to civil partnership:

  30. Unfortunately that particular document is out of date (it's taken from the 2012 statutory instrument) and refers only to same sex relationships (on page 1).

  31. If you go there and they refuse to return your property, then call the NYPD and have the officers go with you into the BLS office to retrieve your property and file a report for stolen property.

  32. I don't think calling the police is a way to approach this situation

  33. It's property entrusted to your care by the government of your country of citizenship, and the return of which has been refused by a third party.

  34. It depends on whether your local US consulate is treating a C-1 visa application the same as visitor visa applications for purposes of appointment scheduling. If they are, then you may have a long wait for an appointment. If not, it may be very quick. You can contact them to ask them specifically.

  35. Thank you so much for your response. I just went ahead and cancelled my flight. I got a full refund (sans the tax) and I went ahead and booked a direct flight to Montreal and then to Toronto.

  36. You're welcome. I'm glad that your flight was mostly refundable.

  37. As was mentioned, the E-3 visa:

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