Convicted of manslaughter. I want to die.

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  1. Strong glutes and nice ass, duh

  2. I am so sorry to hear this. Truly despicable how they do everything in their power to avoid helping you. Hope it gets better for you, OP

  3. That is definitely an intentional "go fuck yourself", we are taught to never flush feminine products

  4. Its not too late to ask her out now and maybe get her out of that icky situation

  5. When I tripped and almost ran myself right off a cliff. Luckily, a friend reached out and grabbed me in the nick of time

  6. I always get some form of dr. Scholls- usually the ones focused on knee pain

  7. Luca magnotta* videotaped a murder and posted online for many to view publicly and I'm sure many didn't take it for a real murder at first

  8. Excuse me? I promise you there is better than this person you described

  9. You can't see it when your stuck with a loser

  10. Where's the infuriating part?

  11. I couldn't even handle the Google home knowing it could probably hear me having sexy time

  12. Forgot to switch to your alt?

  13. Tell me you're out of touch with society without telling me

  14. If you're taking your friends out to dinner, its tacky to expect them to pay the tip. If they offered I think that different

  15. Who the hell is telling you that its possible to get pregnant without having sex?

  16. well like i’m always worried maybe some was on his hands or my hands and we touched down there and the sperm got inside and boom. or one time this month i spit out his yk bc i couldn’t even hold it in my mouth and it got on my shirt a bit and maybe it got on my legs and like rolled down my leg into my vag area. ik it sounds stupid but the shorts i had one didn’t cover much down there so it could have gotten in.

  17. From one internet stranger to another, you are definitely not pregnant

  18. Lucky find indeed! Someone on this sub might be able to identify the shell for you too

  19. Too much drama. Doesn't seem like anyone is a true friend to anyone here

  20. Not me, but a few friends got expelled for being pregnant

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