1. Totti has an insane amount of goals too considering that he was not a striker for most of his career

  2. I will be honest, after we equalized I thought we would get the point. Usually we are very good at defending in the last 10 minutes.

  3. Every time we play against Napoli, the difference in quality between Abrahams and Ohsimen is depressing to watch.

  4. His contract expires next year, club offered a new contract, he demanded to have the same wage as Dybala, which is insane. Club said no, he got pissed and decided to leave.

  5. I was there this morning, took oh so many pictures. The frescos are incredible and the virtual reality exhibition is something I will never forget. The best thing to see in Rome imho. Only opens on Friday/Saturday/Sunday and you must book in advance!

  6. and i’ll name mine Not Zaniolo

  7. In his first start as an attacker, El Shaarawy has tied Zaniolo for goals scored this season

  8. The other 8 teams were already acquitted, together with Juventus, in May. Then new irrefutable evidence came out against Juventus and this is what led to this ruling.

  9. I think the most important missing scene is the dinner with all the powers of Dune.

  10. Napoli is scary, they are bullying Juventus defense like it's no big deal.

  11. Osimhen is incredible. Every random long ball from the defense, he turns it into a dangerous attack.

  12. Will our heroes manage to create a goal scoring chance tonight? Probably not

  13. They did. I live in the Netherlands and work for an international company, many of my UK colleagues voted leave, while living in NL.

  14. Seems even worse than Season 1, which was already a spit in Asimov's face.

  15. Napoli plays beautifully but Inter got 3-4 incredible chances on the counter.

  16. I must say that brits have gotten soooo much better at spanish lately

  17. All countries are improving. Thanks to TikTok and social media, most teenagers speak English reasonably well nowadays. When I was in high school I was "the guy who speaks English" in my class...

  18. Let's not fool ourselves, I'm not from there but I have absolutely no doubt that when answering the question, the people mentally add "with the terms and conditions we had before" to the question.

  19. I would love the UK to be back in the EU. We have thousands of years of shared culture and history, they belong with us.

  20. This is probably happening in every airport in Europe. The only reason why we know about Milan is that the airport decided to test passengers from China on arrival.

  21. Lloris is the hardest working Frenchman on the pitch.

  22. Deschamps should have known better. Sorry but if your midfield of two hasn't seen any of the ball for almost the entire first half, you must make a change. Why wait for the inevitable second goal? This is on him.

  23. The substitution did the trick for France, Morocco never looked dangerous after that.

  24. Big drop in quality when Morocco decides to attack on the left side.

  25. Spain had a corner and instead of crossing in the box, they actually passed the ball back to the central defenders, they are taking the piss at this point lol

  26. It's very hard to play against a team so well organized in defense. There is a reason why they are the team that conceded less goals in the world cup.

  27. This US team is not bad at all, you can see these are players that are used to playing in top leagues in Europe. They just lack a little bit of quality in the final third, they badly need a couple of quality players that can distribute the ball a bit better and finish their chances.

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