1. In Canada, we're gonna annex the Russian embassy to prevent the diplomats from having immunity

  2. no. greenland and north korea need to be gray

  3. unlabelled gray and unlabelled colors have the same amount of usefulness, aka data.

  4. ive gotta agree with the tumblr comments, this is a horribly designed map.

  5. Just a screenshot from a "history of Europe" video. Supposedly Bulgaria was originally in Ukraine and got pushed all the way into the southern Balkans.

  6. fun fact: those guys didnt speak bulgarian. they spoke bulgar, a turkic language which is the ancestor of chuvash. the bulgar speakers would move down to bulgaria and pick up the local slavic language.

  7. well, pick your poison. dangerous health condition or actual mild poison.

  8. "Mild poison" is an oxymoron. Own your alcoholism like we own our obesity. Don't sugar coat it... like a delicious glazed donut. And a nice latte. Mmmmmm

  9. i know what the username says, and i kinda regret picking it, but im american.

  10. Stories about the Danish military during WW2 i have been told by family and teachers.

  11. fun fact: the embassy to the holy see is on the same compound as the embassy to italy, in rome proper.

  12. i guess thats true when you compare the US to the entirety of europe, but when you compare it to an inidividual country, its probably either more heterogenous or the same.

  13. the only real lost cause is losing the war lmao (imagine getting cut in half? couldnt be me.)

  14. Now lets hold a referendum russia rightfully belongs to the Netherlands. They hold a referendum in ukraine if they want to be theirs, we do the same to them

  15. Bohemia is only a part. Kinda like England to Great Britain.

  16. When you've finished paying for your food and the cashier hands you the soda cup saying "enjoy your meal" and you automatically respond with "thanks you too."...

  17. honestly, they probably get that so much they dont think about it anymore.

  18. Yeah, I know. This was a nice restaurant in Abu Dhabi and the whole attitude there is very bourgeois: if it's expensive then it must be good so we'll add as much as possible and that will mean it's "the best."

  19. thought because people they flee to their motherland?

  20. generally when it comes to things like this you just go to the easiest place thats safer than your own. if we count internal migrants, ukraine itself would be in the lead with almost 7 million.

  21. democracy dies a long time before the dictators start showing up

  22. That’s cause Vancouver and the west coast of North America get the same effect as the Gulf Stream for Europe, except in the Pacific Ocean not the Atlantic. All the east coasts of oceans in the northern hemisphere and west coasts of oceans in the Southern Hemisphere experience some form of warming due to the earth’s rotation. And the opposite shore experiences cooling for the same reason.

  23. this is the same reason why both the us and china have such similar climates east of the mountains.

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