1. Depending on how old your console is the game runs at different speeds. I just switched last year but my 7 year old PS4 took about 3 seconds to scroll between pages of players

  2. Scoot would be a nightmare with team fit and would see Giddey drop to the bench

  3. Napoli are hammering Ajax, maybe that 4-1 loss wasn’t so bad after all?

  4. Have some people not realised that it’s our finishing ability, not the keeper miraculously having the best game of their career, as to why we don’t score most chances

  5. Does, he’s been getting rightful criticism from fans of every club

  6. Yeah, that’s what rightful criticism means

  7. People just get pissed off that they lose to better players. Defending the byline last year was easy to predict if you could manually defend yet people swore it evicted their defenders from the box as soon as they passed

  8. I don’t see why we can’t be a Memphis type of team within the next year or 2. With time to gel and time to acquire the veteran pieces like they have with Steve I think Shai, Chet and this years pick do really well

  9. He’s been losing for a whole year now surely he wants out

  10. Take a break if you actually believe that lool

  11. You can play 3 sb games for a 100k pack

  12. He's weird enough to be a poor man's Boucher on a good day if you squint

  13. Give us a penalty for threatening Sky’s tv contract

  14. Classic EA, could have made this a fun starter card like Antonio/Calvert Lewin/Pukki in years past but they can't help their obsession with meta stats determining price.

  15. Yet if he was 50k everyone would have him

  16. Boris would be the defending coach that man can tackle

  17. I don’t think that would ever happen. Maybe you should stop thinking OG for Shai would happen too

  18. then we not trading for him keep dreamin

  19. Ironic that you are telling me to keep dreaming after suggesting 2 years of OG anunoby for 5 years of SGA

  20. Lol Ja is doing VC type dunks while being 4 inches shorter. So Ja

  21. It was before the convenient edit

  22. For the Raps it should be Gary Trent Jr. not O.G. GTJ is in a contract year and gets ignored by Nurse and management as being part of the core, he has to prove he's worth a sizeable contact, a starting spot over Precious, and that he is more than just a pull up gambler.

  23. I want to see GTJ be as good if not better than SGA like some raptors fans say this season

  24. He doesn't have the same herky jerky style and isn't as explosive, GTJ is more slow twitch muscle and can run all day so the comp is so bad because they are soo different. Even with a jump Gary is very very unlikely to be as impactful or impressive as Shai.

  25. Availability is always a positive you are right. I think GTJ is a great piece for any team though of course

  26. Not really played about 5 games with parejo and he didnt look out of place at all

  27. Maybe wait until you are playing people at your level not just a bunch of random div 10 guys

  28. You should also know the Knicks are a t3 worst franchise in the league despite having the biggest market

  29. I love football where players don’t have feet and can’t pass. But have fun when one big streamer starts using drop back

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