1. Le Fil really pulled a punch of non-dancers together and made something everyone could add their own performance into. Bravo!

  2. Absolutely! The other team just didn’t account for any variation in skill level at all

  3. I’ll be honest, I find it so hypocritical that the BBC will milk Dakota’s trauma regarding her transition but they’ll regularly platform transphobic commentators and run trans panic narratives

  4. Probably the scene where Woo is talking to LJH about how she thinks he will end up lonely if he dates her. That one really hit me in the heart

  5. Both are really great although I think the TV show was the most emotionally impactful for me (and the plot/dialogue changes made it feel more realistic)

  6. Tbh I think it was the right move with the rugby friends - having them in the show as they are in the comics would a) oversaturate the show with supporting characters & b) remove/dilute the conflict of nick vs. his current friend group, which allows them to stretch out the story a bit more across episodes

  7. It’s funny bc Joe actually looks like quite a stereotypical white gay boy and isn’t exactly far from what’s considered “conventionally attractive” in that group, so a lot of the hate about him probably comes from internal homophobia. Especially when people are warm to Kit Connor, who is generally a bit more stereotypically “straight” or “masculine” looking (or at least they are these things on the show and in photoshoots etc.).

  8. Manx accents tend to sound a bit more northern, sometimes described as “soft scouse” due to proximity to Liverpool

  9. I think Tori has a cameo in I Was Born For This but that's it.

  10. Thank you! Just trying to figure out something to read that might have somewhat of a similar vibe tbh

  11. Wait, you are so right! I never noticed before so now I guess it’s time for a rewatch 🤪🥰🥰

  12. This is definitely one of the saddest scenes, and Jenny really does perfectly encapsulate that feeling of heartbroken helplessness. It made me really viscerally remember being in a similar frame of mind to Charlie and how it made my mum feel.

  13. I mean if it was futurama 3000 then sure, because it looks a whole lot less bleak than the actual future

  14. This episode is sadder than the dog one. Not sorry!!

  15. Also sadder imo: the one where Fry visits his Mum’s dream, where Leela finally meets her parents, and especially “The Sting” with Leela’s coma.

  16. Oh, how awful... Did he at least die painlessly? To shreds, you say?! Well, how is his wife holding up? To shreds, you say...

  17. I’m a doctor! And yes, they’re real

  18. Tammy & Jocelyn for sure! Although it would’ve probably been hard with the plot of the movie, since it’s kinda like a long episode (a non school based episode)

  19. Also “straight boy issues” if you’re gay and pick Alex

  20. 😅2️⃣👀🫵 🍽☝️📴👍⚡️

  21. Is that Shakespeare? You’re brave. I have no idea what you’re saying

  22. This is incredible! The little details are so fun to explore

  23. Yvie looked SO good. I kinda feel bad for Shea because any wow factor with her look was completely stolen two minutes later

  24. Well now. I'm not gonna talk about Judy; in fact, we're not gonna talk about Judy at all, we're gonna keep her out of it!

  25. The occasional drag race/twin peaks intersections give me life

  26. Can honestly see it being Steve (hope I’m wrong)

  27. Fuck… I’m getting bad vibes with Steve to be honest. There are way to many moments where they’re giving him an awful lot of character development and the fact that he fell from his injuries.

  28. True. Either that or they might wait until season 5 and kill someone huge off like Joyce (would not be happy though, winona forever)

  29. As Marge Simpson once asked herself, “why am I so funny when nobody’s around?”

  30. Also listening to podcasts/interviews with the cast helps imo!! Pulls you out of that phase where you forget they’re just actors and the show is fictional, and that their lives are just normal (well as normal as they can be given their popularity).

  31. Any good podcasts with the cast you can recommend?

  32. There’s the one with Kit Connor (headstrong i think??) and I saw one earlier that has the actor playing Ben (check his instagram). If you search Alice Oseman’s name on spotify there’s one with her discussing the show too :)

  33. Yess such a throwback to being 17/18 and depressed listening to Frankie Cosmos at night haha

  34. Toss up between “Smokey Eyes” at the end of ep 7 (with the fight scene) & “I belong in your arms” from the very last shot of the finale!

  35. Oh also the whole montage in ep 1 with “Dover Beach”

  36. Charlie’s dad was definitely my favorite side-character. The actor did a really good job at bringing the minor character to life. Charlie’s parents are meant to be pretty conservative and strict, yet Julio is the softer and more caring of Charlie’s parents and it was portrayed really well.

  37. Completely forgot about him actually! Charlie’s Dad & Nick’s Mum (obvs) are both great. I especially love (as sad as it is) the scene where Charlie leaves Harry’s party.

  38. Hmm igy, although I think she behaves like a quite standard 15 year old

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