1. She had to rub herself to squirt. If a lady has to help out the guy isn’t getting it done correctly.

  2. Prospects in your own sub drying up because word has gotten out that you

  3. See what you fail to understand is simply I don’t give a fuck about anyone at all on these subs. And damn sure don’t give a fuck about what you think.

  4. Ah “I don’t give a fuck” - the battle cry of the small bruised ego. Beta AF.

  5. Let you keep thinking that. It gives you satisfaction and I don’t owe you shit.

  6. I’d never flake, but I can’t really stray far from grapevine 😫

  7. If I had a dime for every time a guy said “I wouldn’t flake” I could retire. Maybe you wouldn’t but just saying that’s a pretty common statement from every guy.

  8. They are all flakes lol they swear up and down they are ready to show up and fuck and come up with silly excuses. Guys this days are something else

  9. Absolutely the wife has a list she writes down all the hilarious excuses. Like I am having to babysit my friends pig. Or sorry my car flooded on the inside and I can’t drive it.

  10. Your fingers aren’t broke if you want to message then message.

  11. I would make it very hot. But inside cause outside in Tx is hot as hell right now!

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