Here's Marjorie Taylor Greene denying that she ever said Speaker Pelosi was a "traitor to our country" and then being presented with evidence that she, in fact, said that.

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  1. I’ve always said this about soccer. We’re not and at soccer we just have the kids that didn’t make the football team playing it. Imagine Lebron James at goalkeeper.

  2. I have never successfully posted on the yugioh or master duel or duel links sub without it being immediately taken down for being “generic” or whatever they called it. Weirdo mods over there.

  3. Yeah the only thing benten at 1 change is that in ur starting hand u have 14 that search benten( alpha + searcher + benten) instead of 16

  4. I played against megalith drytron the other day n was vibing then he goes into dagda I’m like wait no, then he goes into verte I’m like wait how. No summoning restrictions go crazyyyy.

  5. Yeah DPE into Scythe is the only thing qome decks want to do and its pretty sad, thats why i play a lot of deck that play lightly with the extra in the tcg like dino and prediction princess flip turbo ( yeah a really bad deck but i get some Wins at locals and its a blast)

  6. The value of a win with a shit deck is much higher than that of a meta deck. People give me funny looks when I tell them their deck is bad, but in reality it’s a nod to their willingness to knowingly play that bad deck that I’m commending. Cmon bro don’t give me that look we both know Libromancer is unplayable rn.

  7. You can’t tell me that’s not Darren Till in a dress.

  8. Any attempt at a dragon walking on two legs is fucking stupid. The bodies are literally designed to move on four.

  9. She literally Dudley’s mom but leftist.

  10. It….. just keeps getting worse.

  11. This is the guy that gave that shitty ass McGregor copycat speech LMFAO “we’re not here to take part, we’re here to take over” bro u got no swag

  12. Whatever tf Chad Wormtongue told him to think

  13. Some interesting choices on here

  14. I thought for sure this was going somewhere. I was wrong.

  15. Mfs hate Belal so much lmao bro Kamaru Usman is lame af. Bro gets carried by his opponent in terms of marketing.

  16. But honey, he turned into a pickle, a PICKLE. Funniest shit I've ever seen.

  17. Especially if he is a power bottom. That’s where you generate alllllll the power

  18. Did you just out Kevin Holland?

  19. Judging by this image it seems your deck is already unplayable.

  20. I wouldn’t want to be in that room.

  21. Imagine saying that dumb ass shit, having your girl apologize, then finding a way to be more of an idiot

  22. Did there is no counter to IO w/ 5 spells, herald w/ no droplet, scythe w no droplet. Please let infernity go full combo on you and come back to this post. Not drawing a specific card (combos in 2022 w/ Nib + Imperm etc.) People complain because you draw 5 cards and know whether or not you win or lose, and I don’t blame them for complaining.

  23. ...Infernity is from, like, 2011 or something. Modern combo decks tend to be much less degenerate.

  24. But the board is unbreakable is the point I’m making

  25. Why do you look like two different people?

  26. There’s no time for an agenda when you’re participating in the press conference of all time.

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