1. How is the feel of it? Sticky as fuck or crispy n dry? Thinking of trying some.

  2. Actually pretty good. A little dry but no where near as bad as others I’ve gotten.

  3. The tally mon from firelands scientific is one of my favorites and has similar effects as the layer cake to me.

  4. I have never personally had good luck with firelands scientific. But I'll definitely look into this! Thank you for your info!

  5. No problem! I may be a bit biased since they are my main dispensary, but Ive been enjoying the new pods so far.

  6. Glad they finally announced them! They have been dropping hints about them every time I went into the dispensary. Hope they have a salty watermelon pod.

  7. Nice!Just picked up a couple at the forest with their 20%off carts deal today!

  8. I used dehydrated blueberries that I soaked first and I added them in the first stretch and fold period. I didn't think to add vanilla but I think I might next time! That sounds great!

  9. https://foodgeek.dk/en/blueberry-lemon-sourdough-bread-recipe/

  10. Here's the link to the recipe I followed.

  11. https://preppykitchen.com/pan-dulce/

  12. Yup that's the one! Thank you for posting it!

  13. Looks nice. I’d skip the centre line in the wheat stalk. It will look more realistic and cleaner.

  14. Thanks for the tip! I was wondering if I should've but tried to do a light line but went to deep lol

  15. They look beautiful! Do you follow anyone on Instagram? Lots of good scorers there

  16. I follow a couple but would gladly take some recommendations!!

  17. You mind sharing info on your starter? I am thinking about getting into sourdough and begin my own starter.

  18. I used a combination of different guides to starters. I started my starter with 100g of whole wheat flour and 150g of room temp water. Then for the next 4 days I removed everything but 70g of starter and added 50g whole wheat, 50g unbleached flour, and 115g room temp water. After day 5 I was having good rise and fall so I lowered it to 25g starter 50g of whole wheat, 50g unbleached flour, and 100g room temp water. I did that schedule four a couple more days before trying it. The dough itself was 72% hydration.

  19. Thanks, i have been reading quite a few guides for dmstarters throughout the last week as well. There seem to be so many variations that all could either work out or just don't for no apparent reason.

  20. Look up the baking with Jack channel on YouTube. He has helped me better understand bread baking as a whole and not just sourdough. It's an amazing smaller channel!

  21. Mine did that but I went and bought some cheap weather sealing strips and put them in the soft top channel and it's stopped for now.

  22. This happened on mine. I just went out and bought 4 of these split flanges from Auto zone (

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