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Bydgoszcz, Poland

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  1. People getting killed in prison deligitimizes our legal system. It breaks the social contract of criminals peacefully surrendering and instead encourages them to fight or run, which endangers law enforcement and the public.

  2. Same reasoning as why we have war crime laws internationally. Great point.

  3. All that hard work just to find out you suck at this. Oof.

  4. I was just thinking acetone dissolves plastics pretty well as a solvent and is pretty cheap.

  5. The issue isnt that they (PFAS) are plastics, the issue is how strong a particular chemical bond in those particular chemicals are.

  6. Nilla Wafers. The off-brand versions tend to be flavored differently and they leave a funny aftertaste.

  7. Lmao imagine not understanding Total Internal Reflection, refraction OR caustics but still thinking you can pull this off. Looks so fucking bad!

  8. What does a lathe have to do with this? Or is there an obvious typo here that I'm missing the intended word for?

  9. https://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/7/help/en-us/user_interface/using_toolbars.htm

  10. Normally I'm not a fan of most rhino models being made using SubD, but this is literally the perfect use case for it. Have at it!

  11. The mesh may be set to material "by layer", which overrides materials applied to the mesh. This is in object properties.

  12. I wouldn't mind seeing adjacent studies that investigates life experiences (especially those that produce physiological stress response) or environmental exposures such as common household/urban/atmospheric pollutants to the growth or loss of cilia.

  13. That was just the ramblings of my mind, not proven by anything in the slightest, or suggested by the linked study at all.


  15. Might help if you read about the situation at that park. They are carving names into the paintings left hundreds of years ago, destroying them. One is art, the other is vandalism.

  16. Karma farm much? this question is asked ALL THE TIME.

  17. best way to get omega 3 is with fish oil capsules that you just swallow so you dont actually taste any of it.

  18. Nah homie some of us smell like fish if we ingest those. I take omega 3 liquid caps from alginate, which is where the fish get it from anyway. Fuck fish

  19. Was an awesome movie, this suit looks bad ass af.

  20. Except the chest plate being obviously not connected to the base of the neck, but I'm sure I wouldn't notice that in an action squence.

  21. Yeah ok, sure. They supply all those nice car manufacturers with scanners but their social media profiles are all renders and low quality small object scans... Scam.

  22. It's actually a fairly prominent idea, mainly among internet intellectuals but also among actual academics, called "Quantum immortality". It's based on the ideas of philosophy and quantum physics. So they didn't just trow in "quantum" to make it sound scientific. But yeah, it's certainly not a proven theory. It assumes that there is a multiverse for instance, which to my knowledge is far off proven itself.

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